Mosquito - No

The voters of Parish Council District's 2 & 3 have spoken - there will be no fee applied to their water bill to fund a new abatement district.

The final count came down 1,559 voters for no, and 775 yes at a 12.3% turnout.

"The residents have spoken," said Garry "Frog" Talbert, Parish Councilman for District 2. "It is obvious that the method of funding was irrelevant, the people just do not want Mosquito Abatement."

"This anti-tax movement is worrisome for future revenue elections within the parish," he added.

Livingston Parish Council members Talbert of District 2 and Maurice “Scooter” Keen of District 3 said they brought the issue to voters after residents in their respective districts asked for reboot of the program. The parish-wide program dissolved in 2015 after voters zapped proposals in 2013 and 2014 the keep the parish-wide system in place another 10 years.

Residents, however, decried the movement both with physical signs, on social media, and at an information event held by Talbert and fellow councilman Keen.

Mosquito abatement and the proposed election for its funding represented a waste of both time and money, said Jeff Gill, an outspoken opponent who lives on a sprawling acreage north of Watson. 

The amount of the fee did not matter, Gill said.

“We’re at the point that we don’t need more fees when we can take care of this problem with common sense,” Gill said. “We pay too much on taxes, and I hate to see them impose yet another one. Some go away, but it’s rare.”

He believes the parish should concentrate on drainage and road improvement rather than mosquitoes.

The proposal started off in the hole after absentee ballots and early voting were reported, 318 yes versus 218 no. The gap only grew after that as precinct reports rolled in.

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