LIVINGSTON — Three Denham Springs area voting precincts have been moved from their locations since the 2017 general election, according to the Livingston Parish Registrar of Voters Office.

They were among 23 precincts that had to be relocated to 10 new sites after the Great Flood of 2016. Most of the flooded sites were schools.

Voting will begin at 6 a.m. Tuesday and end at 8 p.m.

Voters in the three precincts – 24, 24B and 24C -- will be casting their ballots at Lewis Vincent Elementary, 7686 Vincent Road, Denham Springs, according to the list.

The other 20 precincts will be voting in the same locations established for last year’s general election. There are a total of 79 precincts in the parish.

Voters who are physically unable to vote in person at the polls on election day and unable to vote in person at the Registrar’s Office may be eligible for the Special Program for Physically Handicapped Voters.

For more information, contact the Registrar of Voters Office at (225) 686-3054.

Here is a list of the precincts and their locations for Tuesday’s election.

Precincts 1, 1A, 1D, North Live Oak Elementary, 36605 Outback Road, Denham Springs.

Precincts 1B, 1C, Live Oak Elementary cafeteria, 35194 Old La. 16, Denham Springs.

Precincts 2, 2A, South Live Oak Elementary, 8400 Cecil Drive, Denham Springs.

Precincts 3, 3A, 3B, Friendship Fire Station, 35455 Walker North Road, Walker.

Precincts 4, 4A 4B, Live Oak Middle School, 8444 Cecil Drive, Denham Springs.

Precincts 5, 5B, 5C, Levi Milton Elementary, 31450 Walker North Road, Walker.

Precincts 5A, 6, North Corbin Elementary, 32645 N. Corbin Road, Walker.

Precincts 6A, 6B, North Livingston Voting Precinct, 32511 La. 63. Livingston.

Precincts 7, 7B, 7C, 7D, South Walker Elementary, 13745 Milton Lane, Walker.

Precinct 7A, Walker High School, 12646 Burgess Ave., Walker.

Precinct 8A, 8B, Doyle Elementary, 29285 S. Range Road, Livington.

Precinct 9, Fire District No. 11 Station, 33815 La. 43, Independence.

Precinct 10, Holden High, 30120 La. 441, Holden.

Precincts 11, 11A, 12, Albany Elementary, 29777 S. Montpelier Ave., Albany.

Precincts 13A, 13B, Albany/Springfield Branch Library, 26941 La. 43, Hammond.

Precincts 14, 31, 38, Springfield Elementary gym, 2590 Blood River Road, Springfield.

Precincts 15, 32, Killian Voting Precinct, 28284 La. 22, Springfield.

Precinct 16, Maurepas School gym, 25125 La. 22, Maurepas.

Precinct 17, Fire District No. 9 Station, No. 2, 20368 La. 22, Maurepas.

Precincts 18, 18A, 43, French Settlement Elementary, 15810 La. 16, French Settlement.

Precincts 19, 19A, 20, Frost Elementary 19672 La. 42, Livingston.

Precinct 21, South Fork Elementary Elementary cafeteria 23300 Walker South Road, Denham Springs.

Precincts 21A, 23C, Gray’s Creek Elementary, 11400 La. 1033, Denham Springs.

Precincts 22, 23, Livingston Parish South Library Branch, 23477 La. 444, Livingston.

Precincts 23A, 23B, Juban Parc Junior High, 12470 Brown Road, Denham Springs.

Precincts 25, 27 Denham Springs Junior High, 401 Hatchell Lane, Denham Springs.

Precincts 26, 26A 26B, 26C, Denham Springs Freshman High cafeteria, 940 N. Range Ave., Denham Springs.

Precincts 28A, 28B, Lewis Vincent Elementary, 7686 Vincent Road, Denham Springs.

Precinct 29, Livingston Town Hall, 20550 Circle Drive, Livingston.

Precinct 30, Albany Middle School cafeteria, 29675 Reeves St., Albany.

Precinct 33, Port Vincent Village Hall, 18235 La. 16, Port Vincent.

Precinct 34, French Settlement High, 15875 La. 16, French Settlement.

Precincts 35, 35A, Walker Freshman High, 13443 Burgess Ave., Walker.

Precincts 36, 36A, Westside Junior High, 12615 Burges Ave., Walker.

Precincts 39, 39A, 39B, Eastside Elementary, 9735 Lockhart Road, Denham Springs.

Precincts 40, 40A, 41, Freshwater Elementary, 1025 Cockerham Road, Denham Springs.

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