LIVINGSTON – Livingston Mayor David McCreary addressed a recent boil advisory when the Board of Aldermen met on Jan. 11.

A pressure valve froze during the cold snap at the start of the year, preventing the pumps from refilling the town’s water tower after residents let their taps run to keep the pipes from freezing, a common occurrence when the temperature dips to the 30s.

The result was a drop in water pressure in the tower. McCreary said if a municipality’s main line drops below 25 pounds per square inch, or PSI, the town must issue a boil advisory.

In other news, Town Engineer Clayton Driggs said he will meet with the Department of Transportation and Development on Jan. 31 to discuss the town’s sidewalk project, which has been stalled for several years as DOTD changed its regulations and requirements.

Driggs said readjusting the plans to suit the new requirements was basically like starting over from scratch. Once approved, this sidewalk project will affect parts of Texas, Ohio and Tulip streets, among others.

Driggs also discussed a split flow project that has undergone a drastic reduction in potential costs thanks to EPIC Piping, a pipe fabrication business in town.

The original plan was to build a force main from Hwy. 63 to the water plant in Satsuma to relieve some of the water flow issues south of Interstate 12. The original cost estimate was upwards of $1 million due to wetland mitigation needs and negotiations with property owners, but the engineers found an alternative.

The Livingston Economic Development Council (LEDC) has proposed building a road between Hwy. 63 and South Satsuma Road to help traffic flow at EPIC, and Livingston force main could follow that road. Driggs estimated the new cost to be just over $60,000.

Driggs said much of the cost of this new version of the project could be covered by the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, which receives federal money to give to municipalities to design water or wastewater projects that will help tributaries that flow into Lake Pontchartrain.

In other business, the board approved a payment request #3 ($99,294) from Griner Drilling Services, Inc., for the new water well, declared Jan. 21-27 as Town of Livingston School Choice Week, and appointed Alderman Joey Sibley as the town’s alternate director for the Louisiana Municipal Gas Association after the passing of former Mayor Derral Jones.

Alderman Joey Sibley asked the board to postpone a vote on a request to rezone a five-acre property formerly owned by the late Ada Chandler on the east side of Cedar Street from R2 to R3.

Under the R2 designation, each lot on the property would have to be 15,000 square feet, whereas under R3, they would only have to be 6,000 square feet. This would allow the current property owners to build more houses to sell or rent.

Sibley said he wanted all of the aldermen to be present during this rezoning decision in case they had any questions for the property owners. Aldermen Wade Wilson and Percy Edler were absent.

In other news, Sibley requested a monthly report from the Police Department, similar to the one the board gets from the Fire Department. In the past, the Livingston chief of police has attended the monthly board meeting to provide this report, but he has not been present in recent years. Town Clerk Lea McDonald said she would ask Police Chief Randy Dufrene to provide the board with the monthly report.

Alderman Jessie “Dusty” Glascock gave the Fire Department report for last month. It included 12 in-town calls – eight first aid, one motor vehicle accident, one fire alarm, two electrical fires – and 26 out-of-town calls – 15 first aid, four motor vehicle accidents, three mutual aids, one fire alarm, one vehicle fire, one false alarm and one grass fire.

Glascock said the board needs to address the out-of-town calls because they are usually double the amount of in-town calls, which puts a greater strain on the town’s resources. The board briefly discussed the possibility of a millage for the areas outside of town before the meeting adjourned.

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