Livingston board members discuss zoning

Town of Livingston Mayor David McCreary (left) listens as Alderman Percy Edler discusses a Planning and Zoning board recommendation.

LIVINGSTON – The Livingston Board of Aldermen introduced an ordinance for a new sewer treatment plant when they met March 14.

The ordinance provides for the incurring of debt not to exceed $5,875,000 to construct a new sewer plant next to the current Red Oak plant, which has reached maximum capacity after 40 years of use.

Mayor David McCreary said if the project costs less than that amount, the town can use the remaining money for other projects related to sewer improvements, such as a larger sewer line from Bloss Avenue down Texas Street to the Red Oak plant.

“The manhole covers are lifting up because it’s pumping so fast the pipes can’t handle it,” McCreary said.

The board scheduled a public hearing for April 11 at 6 p.m. to discuss the bond ordinance.

In other business, the board approved a resolution to increase court costs to $50. McCreary said the current $30 court cost is one of the lowest in the parish.

“A municipality can go up on its fines, but as far as court costs are concerned, it has to go through the legislature,” he said. He will ask Sen. Dale Erdey to propose the resolution.

The board also tabled a recommendation from the Planning and Zoning board to rezone a house from residential to light traffic business.

The property is located across the street from Carter’s Neighborhood Supermarket, between Texas and Camellia streets. Town Clerk Lea McDonald said the home was formerly owned by Virginia Watkins and Michael Watkins.

Developers want to turn that lot and three others into a small business area with an attorney’s office and possibly a CPA office.

Aldermen Joey Sibley and Percy Edler want to verify that the residents who live nearby were consulted and are okay with being next door to businesses before they approve the recommendation.

“I think if it’s residential, it should stay residential,” Edler said. “You wouldn’t want no business coming next to your house.”

The aldermen would also like to see a map specifying which lots would become commercial.

In other news, the board announced that Town Clean-Up Day will be held March 23, and volunteers can meet at Town Hall at 9:30 a.m. to get started.

The mayor also thanked resident Harriet Pope for sprucing up the greenery in front of Town Hall.

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