Le Chien

Le Chien's new sign is up and they are celebrating the holiday season.

While two locations could not be further apart in purpose, the report that shows both of their construction drawings 'under review' will no doubt make two groups happy.

Le Chien Brewing Company, a microbrewery that was approved by the Denham Springs City Council in June, as well as the new Denham Springs Elementary have both made it to Denham Springs Building Inspector Rick Foster's desk.

Both construction drawings are under review. Should they be approved, both projects will have the green light to move into construction.

Le Chien has already begun renovation to the building they purchased on Hummell Street, and will hope to get a clean bill of health from the building inspector's office. Should any changes need to be made, the microbrewery will have to adjust during the renovation process.

Le Chien already has a location in Central, but is excited to move into the Denham Springs area. They hope to be a tourist attraction in the downtown area, and also hope to provide a place for animals as well.

Denham Springs Elementary, a larger project, has submitted their drawings before they get started - to avoid any major changes shifting the cost up higher than expected.

The new school is part of an $80 million real estate improvement for the school board, thanks to 90% funding from FEMA and the other 10% from HUD. Denham Springs Elementary makes up roughly $25 million of that total, with $18 million going into construction costs.

Otherwise, the report suggests that construction is continuing throughout the Denham Springs area. Projects include:

  1. O'Really Auto Parks, on South Range below I-12
  2. Sac Au Lait Center, next to Bass Pro
  3. Life Storage, at the corner of Range Avenue and Rushing Road
  4. Harvest Manor Nursing Home, across Highway 16 from Denham Springs High School
  5. Watson Inspection, just north of the Antique District on Highway 16

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O’Really Auto Parks? What is this business selling?


Bad journalism and no proofreading

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