WALKER – The morning started overcast and rainy with a light stream of voters coming to one Walker precinct on Election Day.

 “I thought they would have more coming in with people going to work,” said Jim Wingate, commissioner in charge for Precinct 36A, located in the Westside Junior High cafeteria.

Precinct 36 and 36A shared the cafeteria, where voting began at 6 a.m. and will continue until 8 p.m.

By 9 a.m., a little more than 50 voters had come in, signed in and cast their ballots in Precinct 36A, Wingate said.

The issues for Walker voters ranged from congressman, secretary of state and six constitutional amendments to a proposed tax for school resource officers, term limits for parish president and Parish Council and the question of fantasy sports teams.

Voters in other parts of Livingston Parish got to choose a mayor, police chief and Board of Adlermen in Albany and a mayor and City Council in Denham Springs.

At Westside Junior High, minus its students since schools were closed Tuesday, each precinct had its own table manned by poll commissioners and three voting booths.

Wingate was serving as commissioner in charge for 36A for the first time, having worked previously at Precinct 23 at Juban Parc Junior High.

He called the flow of voters “steady,” with no problems.

“Did you press the button? I didn’t hear it beep,” he asked one voter as she left a voting booth.

“Yes, I did,” she replied.

Wingate checked the display on the side of the voting booth.

“Yes, you did, ma’am. Thank you,” he said.

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