LIVINGSTON – Voters in two areas of Livingston Parish rejected propositions Nov. 18 that would have funded their gravity drainage districts for the first time.

Two funding proposals for Gravity Drainage District No. 6 and one for Gravity Drainage District No. 7 fizzled at the polls, according to unofficial results from the Secretary of State’s Office.

The final margin proved somewhat tighter for the District 7 proposition. It was also the only one which drew more than 40 percent of voter support.

GDD6 squashed both proposals by considerable margins – and almost the exact totals on the two measures.

Voters gave a “thumbs down” on the five-mill property tax for GDD 6 Proposition 1, with a total of 1,030 opposing votes (62 percent) and 630 in favor.

The results did not turn out any better for the District 6 half-cent sales tax, which drew 1,017 votes (61 percent) against the plan and 645 who supported it.

In Gravity Drainage District 7, a total of 1,112 voters nixed the plan and 949 favored it.

“All along, I was saying I hoped people decided they wanted to fund it. I guess they decided they did not,” said Livingston Parish Councilman Tab Lobell, who campaigned for the proposal for District 7. “We’ll see what happens from here. “

Approval of the plans would have marked the first time all areas of Livingston Parish had dedicated funding for gravity drainage. The outcome in the election leaves 80 percent of the parish without funding for gravity drainage.

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