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Statistics for 2018 show the Walker Police Department saw a 34-percent increase in arrests when compared to 2014 and a 28.5-percent increase in traffic citations over the five-year period. 

WALKER – It’s no longer a town, but a city. And don’t be surprised if a 5-year-old map doesn’t show all of the streets or subdivisions inside the city limits or within five miles of those limits.

But try to drive on La. 447 during rush-hour traffic and it is obvious – Walker has grown.

That growth is reflected in statistics compiled by the Walker Police Department.

In 2018, officers answered 39.8 calls a day, issued 23.7 citations a day, and made 4.3 arrests a day, according to a report submitted to the City Council recently.

The department made a total of 1,605 arrests in 2018 — a 34-percent increase since 2014, according to a five-year statistical comparison in the report.

In 2018, Walker officers answered 14,549 calls for service, which breaks down to 1.6 an hour. This is a 3.5-percent increase over 2014 numbers.

A total of 8,669 citations were issued, almost one an hour. This is a 28.5-percent increase in the past five years.

Motorists who wait on Walker South Road for the light to change at the U.S. 190 interchange might find it hard to believe, but highway accidents have dropped 2.1 percent since 2014.

In 2018, officers investigated 499 highway accidents, down from 510 in 2014. They also handled 111 parking lot accidents, which meant a total of 610 accidents, or 1.6 a day.

Only one traffic-related fatality was recorded in 2018, the report said.

Money generated by the department is up 9.2 percent to $508,972.90 when compared to 2014’s $461,777.21.

Fines collected last year brought in a total of $222,133,38, with $162,253.38 from regular fines and $59,860 from T-cap fines.

Court fines brought in $280,734.02, with $216,730.02 in fines, $1,278 in fines generated during Louisiana Highway Safety Commission-funded hours and $62,726 in T-cap fines.

Money for reports totaled $2,030.50 for police reports and $3,720 for Carfax reports.

Walker police officers were able to work extra hours paid for by grants, according to the report. A Louisiana Highway Safety Commission grant paid officers for 135 hours of work, which resulted in 126 citations and 5 arrests.

T-cap hours totaled 3,537.25, which resulted in 3,750 citations and 107 arrests.

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