Tammy Brignac

LIVINGSTON -- The wife of the French Settlement police chief received a probationary sentence and fine Tuesday in district court after she pleaded "no contest" on a misdemeanor first-offense DWI and driving under suspension stemming from her arrest in February.

21st Judicial District Judge Jeff Johnson fined Tammy Brignac -- wife of French Settlement Police Chief Harry Brignac -- $859 and required her to perform four, eight-hour days of community service.

The court also reduced the charge on the blood-alcohol content to 0.14. A probable cause affidavit from the Louisiana State Police said she had a blood-alcohol content of .177 -- twice the legal limit -- when Port Vincent police officer Brent Watts stopped her in front of the French Settlement Police Station.

Under Louisiana law, drivers 21 years old and over found to have a BAC of over .08 percent are arrested for a DWI. 

Tammy Brignac -- who was represented by Public Defender Kerry Carpenter -- gave a brief statement after her sentence.

"Y'all going to put what y'all want in the article anyway. Right?" she said, when asked to comment. "That's what you've been doing. You're going to put exactly what you want in that article. You've never listened to us and put what we want in that article. You've gone completely against us, so why should I comment?"

Chief Brignac's remarks were also brief.

"You don't want to know what I have to say," he said.

Tammy Brignac, in a February phone interview with The News, did not dispute the DWI charge, but said "she blew very little" into the breathalyzer.

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