The Benghazi investigation went on for 3½ years and produced Zero convictions. This Russian investigation is less than a year old, and 4 people have been indicted for conspiracy against the United States, tax fraud and money laundering. Two of the four have pleaded guilty to felonies. If there are no further indictments are forthcoming in the next 2&1/2 years from now, shut it down.

“Rather than talking about putting up a fence … why don’t we make it possible for them to come here legally with a work permit? And then, while they are working and earning, they can pay taxes here.” Ronald Reagan

President Trump made his first joint address to Congress eleven months ago, and made 51 false statements during his 61 minute speech. Folks can tell when our President is lying ... read his tweets or watch his lips move.

The BEST beef fajitas in town by far ... Papa Nando’s in Aspen Square. Wonderful place!

Buddy Ellis road is falling apart. The recent widening is a joke and it is failing more and more every day. When will this parish start rebuilding high traffic roads that are falling apart?

President Donald “Bone Spurs” Trump accused those, who did not clap during his State of the Union Address, of treason, The Orange Moron doesn’t understand that it was protest and civil disobedience that gave America it’s Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Sadly, the majority of Republicans are complicit in Trump’s dictatorial behavior.


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