It is illogical to believe that one school resource officer can guarantee the safety of students and staff at any school. It is a fact that both Parkland High School and Santa Fe High School had armed resource officers on duty when lives were lost. It is a fact that Livingston Parish has the highest sales tax rate in the country. It’s completely irrational to propose increasing our taxes in order to put one resource officer in our school. This proposal to increase our taxes is not about school safety. Some of us are not so easily fooled.

Whom do we have to thank for the fact that the state still lacks sufficient revenue to fund higher education and TOPS? We can thank the Louisiana Trump Wannabes: House members Valarie Hodges, who “rejoiced in the outcome,” according to John Dupont’s June 7 article, when she voted NO on sufficiently funding higher education and TOPS, which she considers “a victory for Republicans”; Rogers Pope who, while lamenting the outcome, still voted against the HB 27 Conference Committee Report; and Sherman Mack, who also voted no. These Republican legislators obviously not only have no family members who are dependent on TOPS, and they voted as though none of their constituents depend on it, either.

Does anyone know when the North River Road bridge will reopen?

The dust flying of the top of that landfill is horrible!! it is getting all over my vehicles and can’t even enjoy my day sitting on my porch something has to be done.

It is embarrassing that we have the highest sales taxes in the nation and we want to raise them higher. Our leaders are constantly wanting more taxes.

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Jim Pittman

Louisiana's cigarette tax is only $1.08, while the U.S. average is $1.72. Why not raise it (and ONLY the cigarette tax) to at least the U.S. average and fund the TOPS program? Why not raise it to $2 or $3 and fund other vital health and higher education programs?

Here's why this is a win-win for the entire state: Louisiana's smoking rate is a whopping 23 percent (the U.S. average is 15 percent). According to the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, our annual healthcare costs attributed to smoking are 7,200 lives and $1.89 billion. The annual cost to employers is $2.05 billion in lost productivity. Due in large part to our high smoking rate, Louisiana is now ranked 49th in overall health of its citizens.

Here's more on why raising the tax on a pack of smokes is the obvious solution for Louisiana legislators to improve health, reduce cost and fully-fund the TOPS program:

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