Really Sheriff Ard a half cent sales tax. Everyone is for protecting our school children, but more taxes. Sheriff be honest, I would be willing to bet you have 30 million in your sheriff account right now. Spend that money first, and don`t tell us it`s dedicated funds, you can have those tax funds rededicated if you want to. If you succeed in passing a half cent tax Livingston Parish will become the one of the highest taxed, if not the highest taxed Parish/Counties in the United States. We are already the 13th highest taxed state in the United States.

Can anybody explain to me what all this white looking dust is that has been blowing over on black mud rd? I have washed my car twice in the past week

Livingston Parish Public Works uses road tax funds for drainage in areas who voted against drainage tax. I pray for drainage tax in my area. Why should I support road tax renewal if it is going to be used for drainage in areas who do not want to pay for their own drainage? No brainer. I will not support road tax renewal.

Livingston Parish has enough air pollution emanating from the Walker landfill that smells all the way to Denham Springs with an easterly breeze. We certainly don’t need the spraying of carcinogenic pesticides into our environment.

There are between 100-150 patchwork jobs on Dunn Rd. Is that what the 1 cent sales tax renewal would pay for? If it will, I would hope it doesn’t pass.

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Okay Louisiana, if you use the Internet in any form from a smart phone, tablet, or a computer to streaming on your cable or tv you should be really interested in knowing that Bill Cassidy our Senator voted party lines against the Net Neutrality Act. That would be a vote against your continuing to have more free access to the Internet and allowing the big companies to charge you more for the privilege. Plus the Senate did nothing about Duplication of Benefits so anyone who took or REFUSED a Small Business Loan was not eligible for the Restore Louisiana money. Do we really want, or more to the point, need him to represent us? He's doing a VERY poor job of it.

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