Livingston Parish is into the homestretch, with just a month until qualifying for this fall’s elections.

There’s a major race on the ballot – the governor of Louisiana. Rep. Ralph Abraham, of the Delta; Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone; and incumbent Gov. John Bel Edwards square off in what looks to be a heated race.

Oh, there’s a Landrieu in the race as well – except this one’s a Republican.

There will be decisions made as to who goes to Baton Rouge every year to mince with other representatives and make decisions with the governor, as both a Senate seat and a representative seat are up for grabs.

But what of the local seats? Judges and parish councilmen will be decided in this fall’s election, but those races never seem to drum up the glitz, glam, and notoriety that the national elections always seem to produce.

“They’re just not sexy,” is a phrase that has surely been uttered.

Maybe they should be.

Take, for instance, the Parish Council – nine men who must govern the parish and direct its president, Layton Ricks, as representatives of the vision for the people. They must analyze its budget, craft policy, and determine the future of the parish.

Local judges may not craft determinations on major economic, social, or judicial issues – but they do have the power to shape a person’s life. Hundreds of people will stand before the bench, hoping that the person who was elected is just, intelligent, and fair.

Don’t think of these positions as basic, they are – in fact – vastly more complicated than we give them credit. There are mountains of responsibility placed upon these elected officials that, in most cases, affect your day-to-day life with their decisions.

So be mindful as these announcements roll out for candidates seeking office. Weigh them. Measure them. You never know when the time comes that you find yourself standing across from them for any reason.

Wouldn’t you hope that attention was paid – by yourself and others – before your vote was cast?

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