Never take the first offer.

Especially with government.

While the feds apparently hold a lot of sway with regard to who gets the money, and how much, there’s some wiggle room there for negotiation.

And sometimes they just get things wrong.

Take, for instance, the visible damage for roads after the Great Flood. The initial offer on the table was $28,000 but after a push back from the parish – and a secondary visit – suddenly that offer jumped to over $1 million, which was enough to cover.

The schools, again, could have taken the easy way out and simply spent the money on repairing their campuses and taken the small amount FEMA offered. Or, they could have fought – and fight they did, back-and-forth until the damage was covered and the system could move on with a more stable financial footing.

While in most cases the state and federal level agencies have taken control of how we handle disasters, infrastructure, even how we building new buildings – it doesn’t mean that every bit has to be given up just for the sake of compliance.

There’s always a little room for a fight to get what’s owed and what’s deserved, to make sure that corners aren’t cut by the government to try and save more money. It’s the quintessential government reaction – citizens ask for cost saving measures, government finds every way to frisk the public.

If they don’t want a fight? Offer up what’s fair the first time, it’s that simple.

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