Despite the long diatribe by McHugh David in this week’s column, there are plenty of positives moving forward into 2020 for Livingston Parish.

The Master Plan Committee not only received funding for updates to the zoning portion as well as a master drainage plan, but also produced a road list that will give both the parish council and local representatives plenty to focus on in the coming years.

After all, there hasn’t been a new, government-constructed road outside of I-12 in Livingston Parish for almost 100 years – and it appears that there’s a parish council in place who will work together for common goals.

The pursuit of zoning will offer individual districts a chance to combat rampant growth that continues to fill roads and landscapes that are too small with traffic and people.

The school board announced that, one year after the benchmarks were made more difficult for school rankings, the system bounced back to put dozens of schools in the “A & B” categories.

Both the city of Walker and city of Denham Springs are moving forward with new city hall facilities, as well as performing continued work on litter and drainage. Partnerships with Gravity Drainage 1, for Denham Springs, and 5 for Walker have proven fruitful.

The Comite Diversion Canal, a huge drainage project, is underway and the Darlington Reservoir is being heavily discussed after spending years languishing on the drawing board.

So while it may not seem like it, amid announcements of highly negative news in some cases, many of these issues are still moving forward and a way that will prove positive for the parish down the line. They will improve traffic flow, drainage, and overall quality of life in Livingston Parish.

Buckle up, Livingston Parish – there’s the potential for plenty in the future, and over 90 percent of it is positive.

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