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The focus of the Livingston Parish News is Livingston Parish.

What’s in a name?

A lot, apparently, as I hear people refer our little paper as the “Denham Springs News” -- a name it carried from 1898 until 1998, when my father ran a “100 Year Edition” and changed the name to what you see now.

To be fair, some of those same folks still refer to the Advocate as the “Morning Advocate” -- so take that as you will.

However, Livingston Parish is growing and the people who move here are less likely to know about the News, as they bring their news sources from wherever they started. Many of whom may not even read the newspaper, either in print or online, opting to get their news from outlets such as T.V., radio, or Jimmy from down the street who posts his thoughts on Facebook regarding the council meeting because he’s really into that kind of thing.

The questions below were submitted to the News via Call & Comment and, while I don’t hear them that often, I have heard variations of these queries enough -- especially since my father passed two years ago -- that I thought I’d hazard a chance at some answers.

1) Why is the Livingston Parish News (LPN) and the insert to the Advocate, the Livingston-Tangipahoa Advocate, delivered on the same day?

The News switched to twice a week during my father’s tenure as publisher, which started in 1977. Sometime in the early 1980s, he decided to switch the paper from Sunday to Thursday and Sunday.

After the Great Flood of 2016, with businesses hurting and advertising revenue down, the News opted to move to go to once a week -- Thursday -- until businesses recovered and revenue streams opened again.

I can say that business is improving in Livingston Parish, and we are feeling it, with the News currently in discussions on how to return to multiple times a week.

2) With the LPN writing virtually the same articles about Livingston Parish as the Advocate, why then should I purchase the LPN?

This is a hard question for me to answer, as I have to focus on the word “virtually” -- are they all the same articles, or are they not?

Yes, journalists from the Advocate cover some of the goings-on out here in the parish, and their words end up online and in print.

Our hard-working staff is hyper-focused on what happens here, in Livingston Parish, all the time. It’s your paper, with your news, lifestyle, sports, business, and real estate -- nothing else. The Livingston Parish News is a reflection of this community. That’s all we write about to fill the pages of our paper and populate www.livingstonparishnews.com.

If that’s not for you, if the Advocate (or some other source) provides you with what you need, that’s perfectly fine -- in fact, in this day and age, it’s great. We all have preferences, especially in an expanding and diverse market of news and media delivery, and the needs of some folks just isn’t being met.

All we’d ask is that you take the time again to fill out our feedback form online (or submit another Call & Comment, if you like) to let us know how you feel we’re doing or, maybe, how we could do better.

3) Am I not right to assume the Livingston-Tangipahoa Advocate inserts only go to these two parishes? If so why not exclude this insert from the Advocate? If people really care about the news in LP or AP they could then purchase the local papers and help the local economy. Was this a trade-off between the LPN and the Advocate to help the Advocate’s circulation in these parishes?

You would be correct.

I cannot say, as that is the Advocate’s business decision.

It was not.

4) If some or all of the above is true, why should I purchase the LPN to read 2 or 3 Call & Comments a week. To me they are no longer informative or contribute to your paper. It has turned into nothing but political bashing and if Michael Hale finds out about it, look out!

Unfortunately, the Call & Comment line went down during the flood. While it was revived in the months after, the calls did not return for some time and the line was shut down again. Now it’s all online submissions (like yours) that, yes, are not quite what they used to be in terms of volume, but are still the same opinionated pieces that have always been on our Op/Ed page.

We always appreciate questions like this, and we have a feedback form online, or you can message us on Facebook, or you can send us a letter -- 688 Hatchell Lane, Denham Springs, LA 70726.

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