Nearly 8 inches of rain fell in a protracted period of time Thursday. A tornado came through Livingston Parish, as well. Homes and businesses flooded as water backed up due the inability to drain. Parish residents were left confused and reminded of the 2016 floods, while officials try to find out how they can improve conditions.

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Most drainage systems were cleared following the 2016 flood and are being maintained better than before. Additionally, most of those systems weren’t designed to handle the amount of water that fell not just over a four hour period, but over the twelve hours previous. And how in the world can you point fingers at a drainage district when they get to a plugged culvert and find a basketball, or an inflatable pool, or any number of residential trash and debris? People want to put their trash in the ditches and expect those same ditches to stay clear.


Only speaking about the drainage problems I know about in District 8. No one knows how many lateral or drainage canals exist. So it is safe to say currently there isn't a maintenance plan to address the hundreds of ditches that require maintenance for the parish to drain. Everyone knows unless you divert water by pumping, it flows from top to bottom. Some of these off-road drainage ditches haven't been cleaned in 40 years. There are some in 30 years and only a few in 20 that have been cleaned. I'm not aware of any major lateral ditches that were maintained in the last 10 years. The whole parish will be better off by formulating a plan to maintain ditches starting from the bottom of the parish working up.


One of the fastest growing Parish’s in the state without our a plan on how or where homes and business build

Rick Bailey

New neighborhoods are being built without regard to existing houses. That water has no place to go.


Too much development (faster runoff) allowed without adequate retention, too much dirt fill allowed, which impedes drainage, which floods the older homes


Millers Creek runs through Shadow Springs Estates. We have lived here 40 years and it has not been cleaned out during that time. The water would have drained out faster if the trees and other growth in it had been removed. Also the backup level would be reduced. After the '83 flood we were told that it would be dug out as well as growth removed.


I live in Satsuma for 30 years and have meet with my Council man in the past about the creek the needs to be cleaned out and yet nothing done.


If the public would cut back on their spends causing to pay less taxes, the parish would receive less revenue...just may the parish would get off the can and do something....the parish would be a great place to live, but it’s what can you do for me and not the public.

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