Please tell us that the article stating that the sheriff and school superintendent want to raise our sales taxes is “fake news”. We pay the highest sales tax rate in the country! Surely this can’t be real!

It is laughable to read in this newspaper that the voters of Livingston Parish in 2013 and 2014 rejected plans to renew the $30 annual fee to fund the Mosquito Abatement Program (MAP). Lets be clear. In 2014, the council members tried to quietly hide the fact that passage of the 2014 MAP called for a property millage tax and NOT for renewal of the $30 annual fee as we were so often told. That was not taken so well by property owners who would have had to carry the full burden of the MAP. Today, we, the voters, are still being accused of our 2014 unwillingness to pay a mere $30 annual fee for this service (see April 26, 2018, page A2, in this newspaper). The $30 annual fee is NOT what we voted down in 2014. Why don’t you state that 2014 was asking for a property millage tax instead of an annual $30 fee? Be honest with your constituents!

I am so thankful for people like the Fosters who help those in need of transportation. Some of us do not have family members to help and there are so few other options. THANKS ... ask someone if they need something from the store.

It makes me when I shop in a grocery store on the corner of Lockhart & Cockerham and I see the same extra duty sheriff hanging on the teenage female cashiers. Inappropriate behavior!

I was calling to see if there was any way that the red light at Centerville and Hatchell could be done away with. It seems like all that light does is hold up traffic coming off of Florida Blvd. onto Hatchell Lane. There’s always a back-up there because of that light, and I don’t really know that that light is necessary. It’s been a headache for years. So other people’s thoughts would be welcome. Thanks.

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Sounds like Cassidy is campaigning for Trump. I wanted to hear about why the Senate didn't pass the Duplicate Benefits part for the Flood of 2016 like they did for Hurricane Harvey and other areas.

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