Education levels in the state of Louisiana are not ranked very high in the nation. I see our teachers want a pay raise in 2019. Looking at the LA Department of Education webpage, a total of 360 in the years 2015-16 were terminated or resigned in anticipation of termination. Only six licenses were revoked. Before we give them more money, how many teachers were let go for not being competent or unable to teach their subject matter? And where is the teacher exit report for the last school year, 2017-18? The last one posted says 2015-2016. Before we give them money, let’s find out what they’re doing.

This is for the DirectTV customers on this free upgrade. First of all, DirectTV is now located in Puerto Rico, so when you call you cannot hardly understand the people. I called for this free upgrade, and they eventually charged me $25 for that and they forced me into paying it. The technician came out and upgraded everything but did not hook up the VCR. I’m still having problems with freezing, so they sent a technician out to fix everything and they charged me $99 for a service charge. I just got off the phone arguing for 44 minutes to try to get this correct before I finally got my service charge denied.

It seems like we need to build a different jail for all these police and mayors and judges and everybody else.  Seems like they need to build a different jail house for themselves because they can’t go in jail with the common criminals. They’re doing more than what we’re doing.

This is about the reference to the Sheriff’s salary. That is set by the state. It’s not set by the Sheriff. If you’re going to print stuff, you gotta make sure it’s right. “The Sheriff gives himself a raise” is a flat-out lie. 

I was just watching Channel 9 news, and they’re fixing to invent a machine to pick vegetables and this and that to cut down on jobs. They’re trying to rob us now. How are people supposed to make a living? That don’t make a lick of sense.

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