I live on Pine Bluff Road off 16 in Denham. I’d like to see what can be done about garbage pile-up. When you go around the third curve to the left, you have got a mound of garbage at that home. There’s two FEMA trailers, and they say they collect scraps, but that is not scraps. All of that in that yard is garbage and junk. And you have minor kids out here. There’s minor kids at that home in those two trailers. That place is infested with rats and roaches, so something needs to be done. Whoever can do something about it, I wish yall would come out here and check on it because it definitely needs to be removed.

Are they ever going to finish the construction work on I-12 and Satsuma?

When a waste collection company offered recycling several years ago it made our parish’s disgraceful litter problem even worse. With the slightest breeze the empty plastic jugs, etc. blew out of the container and all alongside the roadway and into the ditches hindering drainage. I hope that if recycling is offered again that some adjustment will be made to prevent the recycled items from blowing away.

Well some of the little click in French Settlement seems to have also gone blind, along with the so called Chief! The town of French Settlement is doing fine with out Harry Brignac???? Is that why lots of the people in French Settlement continue to go to Chief Brignac’s home and complain about the French Settlement police department and ask what they should do about the complaints they have or who should they go to, because they do not trust the French Settlement police department? And that’s why they continue to tell Chief Brignac that they are scared to make some of the complaints, to the French Settlement police department or the so called mayor because they are scared of RETALIATION? Is that why they go to Chief Brignac’s home to ask him to unlock a vehicle because the French Settlement police department tells them they don’t unlock vehicles anymore?( I would think because there is no money involved). And that’s why the people have gone to Chief Brignac to ask why the police department doesn’t patrol in all the areas Chief Brignac did, that the deputies would rather sit in their units and radar and write tickets to every one that passes by them.. YEA okay, French Settlement is doing so wonderful but then again no one could ever fill Chief Brignac’s boots and he will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be my Chief and a lot of other people. All these people care about is themselves and the all mighty dollar. Be careful people in French Settlement. Make sure if your stopped to have your phone handy to video the stop. They are known to say that they don’t have it on their cameras. These people could care less about our community!
The subject of zoning is long OVERDUE in the Western side of the parish. We paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop a Master Plan to have the Council put it in a box to collect dust. The subject of area appropriate zoning was addressed in that plan. Our council people ignored it while the population, traffic congestion, school overcrowding, drainage problems and helter-skelter development ran wild. It is time to get down to business and come up with reasonable zoning defined by the nature of the area being zoned. The same zoning that is needed in the densely populated areas on the Western side of the Parish are NOT the ones needed on the vastly rural Eastern side. Along those lines building ordinances MUST be strengthened to address the impact of the proliferation of multi-family projects that will over crowd even the new schools that are being built, add vehicles to our already impossibly overburdened highways both parish and state. Every where we look there are complexes and major subdivisions with inadequate roads, connectors and arterials to move the traffic. Ascension is talking of a temporary halt in new construction to give them time to come up with solutions to those same problems. It is time for our representatives to step up and address these problems at LEAST on the Western side of the Parish. The Denham Springs, Watson, and Walker areas provide at least 60% of the total tax revenue to this parish. We deserve better.

I thought our elected officials were here to hear our concerns and listen to us. Well apparently not. I wrote our parish president Layton Hicks but it’s been over a week and I’ve not heard anything. Not even a form letter. Thank you Layton Hicks for confirming my thoughts. Way to take care of your constitutes. That’s why I am glad you are an elected official. Elected can be ejected. I had some concerns but I also complimented some of the things going on in the parish and still no answer. Sam Digirolamo also got an email from me about 3 weeks ago. No answer. He saw me at meetings at least once since then. Can’t talk either. Joe Koczriwski needs to move along too. IF he ever did anything good for this parish it is all over now. Let’s just say anger management is not one of his best qualities. I read the rules you had to obey before you could submit a comment. Let’s just say I can’t say anything I want to say. So I will say it is time to clean house, fire and rehire a lot of people in our parish government. The good old boy attitude should be in Hazard County and not have the strong hold it has in Livingston Parish. We are getting so stagnant no wonder we have a mosquito problem.

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