As a neighbor in the shadow of the landfill this last week I have had severe smell of ammonia is this something I should be concerned about?

To the cop who lives on Hammock Lane, I know there are several so let me break it down, you were also seen beating your dog in the trailer park next door to your house. Several people seen you punch your dog in the face, kick you dog in the face and ribs and kick him in the butt. I don’t mean just one punch, one kick. i mean this cop was observed by at least 4 people on Wednesday morning around 10 am, beating his dog all the way back to his property next door. Apparently this is not the first it second time. My message is to this police officer who is beating his dog: STOP BEATING YOUR DOG. NEXT TIME YOU MIGHT END UP ON YOUTUBE. Police wonder why they are losing credibility with the public. This is a prime example of why the public no longer trust law enforcement!

Interesting commentary about Valarie Hodges and Clay Schexnayder not being a friend to public schools, or public school teachers. Unfortunately, when folks send representatives to Baton Rouge with just a high school diplomas (or to Washington D.C., as in the case of Garret Graves), we will get what we got.

To the person wanting to “See what the teachers are doing” before giving them a raise, you obviously have no clue, so I will educate you. I have the privilege of having multiple teachers in my family and friend circle, they along with their colleagues are the hardest working, most caring group of people around. They will sacrifice themselves and their family for their work. Most of them spend more personal time and money on their job than any other profession that I have ever seen. Are there bad teachers, sure of course, I don’t know of a single profession that doesn’t have a few bad apples. But again, you ask, “What they are doing”, what they are doing is providing for the future of this country, they are preparing our children to go out into this world and hopefully make it a better place. What they can’t and should not be expected to do is to parent our children, that is the parent’s job. I have seen so many parents blame the teacher for Little Johnny failing but if Little Johnny doesn’t care about their education and their parents only get involved when it is too late there isn’t much a teacher can do to change that, though, they will try their hardest, but it all starts at home with the parents. If the teachers had the full support of the parent their job would be so much easier. Also, if they could just teach instead of having deal with the tons of amount of paperwork and other tasks forced upon them that have no impact on what goes on in the classroom. So, I leave you with this, you get what you pay for. I’ll repeat myself, so it sinks in, you get what you pay for. If you don’t make the salary worth it to people you aren’t going to get good people. Pretty simple concept. You want the scores to get better you got to keep all of the good teachers which will make it easier to get the bad ones out. The only way I know to retain good employees is to pay them better. I know a lot of good teachers that left the profession because it wasn’t worth it, they couldn’t support their families, nor were they given the respect they deserved. If you’re not making enough to support you family and get treated badly would you stay at that job? So, I ask you, what are you doing to help a teacher?

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