I live on Walker South Road and have a Denham Springs address, we do not receive our mail timely, our newspaper subscriptions run anywhere from 2 weeks to a month from date issued from sender, I have called each and nothing can be done on senders end. I recently mailed a certified letter to IRS on was received by IRS on 11/26/18 and I received return receipt back on 12/22/18. on Monday 12/31/18 our mail did not run, called post ofc 1/2/19 and was told new mail carrier just did not deliver to us and post ofc was not told, not first time this happens another time recently no mail delivered, called next day was told it got dark and carrier could not del after dark, ( they should start earlier)

Dunn Road has more craters than the moon. Could our parish leaders possibly help the hundreds of taxpayers that travel this road everyday? Please repave the entire road.

As a Livingston Parish tax payer I must take exception to the headline stating that the Livingston Parish Council On Aging “gifted” two 12 passenger vans to a Baton Rouge school. My property tax bill includes a big chunk going to the council on aging and it hasn’t been that long ago that we were told that they would be in dire straits if we didn’t approve their tax. In my opinion we Livingston Parish taxpayers donated these two 2011 vans to a Baton Rouge school and I don’t quite understand why. It seems to be just another example of our tax dollars being frivolously used in a way that was not the intent of the tax proposal. By the way 2011 vehicles are newer than the ones in my driveway.

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The Denham Springs post office delivery area has outgrown the building that was constructed over 30 years ago. It is sorely mismanaged and the people of Watson routinely get NO mail delivery...sometimes for consecutive days. Mail is delivered after dark or not at all.It is way past time for mail for the Watson area (70706) to be delivered out of a new facility in Watson. If enough people contact their Congressional delegation a DEMAND a new P O for the delivery of mail to be built in the Watson area you may just be able to get t done.

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