Look like someone struck a nerve with the interim Bill Bliss French Settlement police department, could it be some truth to the last call and comment article? Pretty funny how he just had to respond. Very sad!

I have read with some interest the various comments extolling the virtues of former French Settlement police chief Harry Brignac. Interestingly I have not seen any comments that I am aware friends have made that state a more clear version of the truth. The fact remains that Mr. Brignac is not the chief of police. He is now a convicted felon. He got caught stealing. There was no mix up in gas cards (seriously, did they have a 2nd fleet gas card that also used the mileage of the police vehicle and the same pin number?) He was only charged with the one count because there was video evidence of it. There were numerous other questionable fuel charges by Mr. Brignac. The word around town is that the fuel bill for the town has dropped $1,300 or more a month since Mr. Brignac resigned (for the second time due to his actions). Mr. Brignac tarnished the badge he wore for many years. For many of those years he appears to have done so with a modicum of honor. The last several years, however, revealed that he was doing whatever he wanted regardless of the law. Allowing his unlicensed wife to drive a vehicle (something he is still doing by the way) much less a police vehicle is just one example.Being investigated by the Attorney General’s Office, the Inspector General’s Office, the Ethics Board, the Sheriff’s Office, and the District Attorney’s Office is not the essence of an individual that should be held in high honor as some commenters would have others believe.

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