Recently the Sheriff of Livingston Parish asked for a tax increase to fund deputies in schools, saying that he didn’t have the ability to fund this through his own budget. However, today, I received a knock on my door from a Livingston Parish Sheriff’s deputy hand-delivering a jury summons for me to appear for jury duty in February. This seems like a huge waste of money if this is the way that this is typically handled in this parish. Most places I’ve lived in the past would simply mail you a postcard telling you when to appear. If we have the money in this parish for sheriff’s deputies to hand-deliver jury subpoenas, then I think we probably have more money than we’re being told to put sheriff’s deputies in schools.

Sadly, the median SAT scores for Education Majors are in the lower quartile, ranking Education Majors 26th out of the top 30 top Majors for incoming college freshmen. The best thing that has happened to the teaching profession, and to students for that matter, was the introduction of the PRAXIS Examination as a prerequisite for teacher certification. What I find fascinating are these Education Majors, who score the bottom quartile on the SAT and ACT Exams, graduate from college with the highest GPAs. We can do a better job attracting teacher candidates by paying attractive salaries and benefits. Our children and nation’s future depends on it.

Why dont some of the people leave Chief Harry Brignac alone? The man resigned. Let him enjoy his retirement. I have spoke to him and he is enjoying his retirement. He served and protected our community for 36 years, not to mention served our country in Vietnam. That right there should tell a lot of you that he has had nothin but the best for French Settlement, and our country compared to the Chief now. I hear he is harassing people now. Chief Harry Brignac has admitted to wrong doing. The mayor should have discussed it with him before charging him. According to the Attorney Generals office he could use the towns credit card for personal use as long as he paid them back. I know myself he has used personal things and money for French Settlement. I bet if you dig up some of the receipts from the mayors credit card and others especially the receipts found in the garbage in a trash can at the car wash across from town hall from Mike Anderson’s, she would be in more trouble then She bargained fo. The mayor just wanted him out and made up tons of lies to do it. Im sure Chief Brignac has suffered enough! Haven’t any of y’all done wrong before? Leave Chief Brignac alone and let him enjoy the rest of his life. He does not deserve what has come at him. Nor did he deserve what the mayor and others did to him. People are starting to see the truth about a lot of things. GOD DONT LIKE UGLY AND GOD DONT SLEEP! Wake up French Settlement, we need to look at the Mayor and others trying to take over our community.
Isn’t it ironic that the superintendent of lpsb has announced his retirement when he has one year left in his contract? . A multi million dollar lawsuit has been filed against this parish for a young boy ingesting a pill on a school bus. I wonder who else will announce her early retirement?

I thought our elected officials were here to hear our concerns and listen to us. Well apparently not. I wrote our parish president Layton Hicks but it’s been over a week and I’ve not heard anything. Not even a form letter. Thank you Layton Hicks for confirming my thoughts. Way to take care of your constitutes. That’s why I am glad you are an elected official. Elected can be ejected. I had some concerns but I also complimented some of the things going on in the parish and still no answer. Sam Digirolamo also got an email from me about 3 weeks ago. No answer. He saw me at meetings at least once since then. Can’t talk either. Joe Koczriwski needs to move along too. IF he ever did anything good for this parish it is all over now. Let’s just say anger management is not one of his best qualities. I read the rules you had to obey before you could submit a comment. Let’s just say I can’t say anything I want to say. So I will say it is time to clean house, fire and rehire a lot of people in our parish government. The good old boy attitude should be in Hazard County and not have the strong hold it has in Livingston Parish. We are getting so stagnant no wonder we have a mosquito problem.

This is to the person who’s calling about seeing what teachers are doing. Then she jumps over and says, “You get what you pay for.” First off, you say you’re not doing it for the money - you’re doing it because you love the kids, but then you’re saying, “You get what you pay for.” How can you teach the kids something that you don’t even understand? Since they instituted Common Core, I’ve called numerous times to get help with the two hours of homework that you send home because you don’t teach the kids what it’s all about. Why? Because YOU don’t understand it. And I’ve been told that by more than one teacher. So don’t say “You get what you pay for.” You manage to get four and half months a year off of work. What are you doing then? Getting what you pay for, right? Nothing! Show me another job or another profession that gets four or five months off a year and still gets the full year’s pay. You think Springfield is the top school and Watson is the top school in the state? Livingston is still only second from the bottom in the United States, so you can’t be doing that good a job. We get what we pay for, all right.

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