The person that continues to place ugly comments about Mr. Harry, let me start by saying you should be ashame of yourself. You continue to slander him over and over. I myself am sick of seeing the ugly comments. It’s sounds like a bunch of cry babies. I stand behind Mr. Harry 100%. Mr Harry has done a lot for this community, more than the rest of y’all. You continue to call him a thief and a convict. You, that chooses to make these ugly comments has nothin better to do, but maybe you should look at yourself. Seeing how selfish and ugly your being about Mr. Harry does not say much for you. This has to be the same person making the different comments and it’s obvious you don’t or didn’t like him. A lot of people did like him because they voted him back in time and time again. He didn’t steal, he made a simple mistake. It’s obvious who you are because you seem to know a lot about the situation. Y’all just continue on and on and on to slander him. The town is saving $1300 a month because we only have 2 units on the road now not 3. French Settlement doesn’t have a full time Chief anymore, which when Mr. Harry was Chief he was always patrolling. I would see him 3 and 4 times in one day. Now I don’t see any units. It’s obvious you have no life because you continue to stay all up in Mr. Harry and his wife’s business. I’m sorry but I disapprove of your ugly comments.

If you drive Dunn Road use a Tank as it’s like a war torn road. For years it’s been overlooked pot hole after pot hole and shoddy patch work continues to this very day. Edges of the road if any in some areas have been washed away or broken off into the ditch. Certainly all the homeowners down this road deserve better rather than having to dodge problems on this road. When rain comes hard at times water is across the road by Lockhart entrance. Also water runs across the road and cars cannot get thru at creekside due to poor drainage that plagues this road. I am calling on the Parish president and the council to rectify this ongoing issue to address a solution. This road is a hazard in itself for many. A flyer came in the mail of addressing what has been done within the parish on projects. Well you certainly missed one Bud on Dunn Road.

During the Village of French Settlement meeting of 03/13/2019 a contract and insurance certificate for a contractor was brought forth for approval to the Board of Aldermen. Alderman Lobell reviewed the document and raised valid questions. The Mayor does not like objection to any of ‘her’ agenda items and her demeanor displayed her dislike of objections and she somewhat questioned the knowledge of the Alderman. Keep in mind, this Alderman has 30+ years of experience in the insurance industry, an instructor of insurance continuing education, audits insurance companies and is called upon frequently as an expert witness in cases involving insurance and is quite familiar with reviewing of contracts. The Mayor was quite upset when she realized that Alderman Lobell reached out to the town attorney about contract language protecting the Village and Contractor that had been omitted from the contract. Oh, and guess what? The attorney agreed with the Alderman that the language should have been included in the contract and asked her to bring it up at the meeting. This Mayor does not like to be wrong or questioned. Even ‘health’ questioning. There is nothing wrong with an Alderman preparing her due diligence for a town meeting and asking questions. In fact, that’s what they are elected to do. This contract omitted important language protecting the Village and the Contractor, limits of insurance on the certificate were inadequate (low limits) to protect the Village, the insurance company on the certificate was not a valid insurance company and the certificate holder was not correct. The contract was not put to a vote (due to Alderman questioning). Guess what? This week the wording was added to the contract and certificate, limits of insurance increased to an adequate limit to protect the Village, correct insurance company placed on the certificate and certificate holder corrected. All corrected (thanks to Alderman questioning) and will be placed on the agenda for next meeting. The point is that the Mayor did not review this contract or the certificate of insurance prior to bringing it before the Board. What else is not being reviewed? What is the meaning of transparency? Transparency is operating in such a way that is easy for others to see what actions are performed. The Village of French Settlement needs and deserves transparency. What is there that needs to be reviewed?

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