The City of Walker is buying 4.72 acres of land for $680,000, not on Florida Blvd and not close to I-12 where property values are high, but on a tiny residential street off of Walker S Rd. That’s over $144,000 PER ACRE. That’s ludicrous for the city to pay that much for this land! The citizens of Walker definitely need to have someone investigate this transaction. Did they get an appraisal on this land before agreeing to this absurd price? Something very fishy is going on!

The mosquitoes do ot prevent me from sitting outside. The sickening smell from the Walker landfill does.

Pay close attention to your latest Waste Management bill and you’ll notice a new “Administrative Charge” of $6.50 has been added. According to the mailer in the bill, this charge covers costs associated with printing/mailing invoices and processing payments. This new charge will be added to EVERY invoice from now on unless you sign up for BOTH paperless billing and automatic payment on the Waste Management website. After spending over an hour trying to reach a person to talk to on the phone number, I was told that unless you sign up on the WM website for paperless billing and automatic payment you will be charged the extra fee. It doesn’t matter if you pay over the phone, pay with the WM app, or through your bank automatically. So, I have 3 choices (1) cancel garbage pickup, (2) pay $25 extra a year for administrative fees, or (3) open yet another account online with Waste Management and have automatic payments. I feel so manipulated.

To those who chose to place comments here about Chief Harry Brignac. Before you post the things you post on here, make sure you get your facts straight. Charged only $50? No he didn’t get charged only $50. If you need to know what he was charged with, you are so very welcome to come to our home and ask yourself, our door is always open. The amount of money was and is not an issue with us. It’s the way they did Chief Harry Brignac. It was and is sad and twisted how they handled the whole situation. The fines and court cost and not to mention the lawyer fees has very little value to us compared to the way they TRIED to destroy a mans reputation of serving and protecting his community and his country. These people used their authority to get what they wanted. They went way and beyond, with the help of Livingston Parish Sheriffs office. They have no one else to harass until someone gets in there that they can’t control or someone who questions their authority so they continue to harass us.. Y’all got what you wanted now leave us alone. So French Settlement is doing fine without Chief Harry Brignac. Yep, keep telling yourself that!!!! Is that why the good people in French Settlement continue to come to our home and get help from Chief Harry Brignac, because they can’t seem to get it from the very same ones that did Chief Harry Brignac dirty? Its sad that the people in French Settlement don’t TRUST them anymore!!!! It’s going to be an interesting election coming in 2020!! If anybody wants to know what HAS and what IS going on, your welcome to come to our home!! All are welcomed!! You will will surly get the truth! Ohh and this is Chief Harry Brignac’s wife Tammy Brignac who has had enough!!!!!

A local high school sportswriter stated in her column that she disagreed with an official’s call against a Walker player in the semifinal game against Denham Springs. She failed to disclose that her daughter was a Walker athlete and her husband a Walker coach.

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