Isn’t it about time to do something about all the loud mufflers in Livingston? I always laugh when folks from Baton Rouge think it must be so quiet out here! The people who have them don’t have any more right to make pointless noise than the rest of us do to enjoy peace and quiet, and I’m pretty sure as popular as they are out here, there’s still way more of us that are tired of it!

I got to see up close how French Settlement and Port Vincent police department handles the people in French Settlement. I seen them man handle a man that appeared to me was having a seizure. Shame on y’all. I’m very embarrassed by you guys, you where very aggressive and very unprofessional. Should have been handled totally different. Very disappointed.

French Settlement High Their motto is Exceeding Expectations

As a concerned parent of a French Settlement baseball player you wonder what are the coaches expectations. The coach simple just goes through the motions. He has no drive to make the program or players better. His concern is if East Ascension baseball wins or loses. The players feel he cancels games and practice just to attend EA games. He takes little pride in the French Settlement baseball program. If he was concerned about French Settlement baseball he would put the players first. He only schedules 23 to 25 games a season out of a possible 32 (72%) a C average. These players only get to play high school baseball for 4 years. They look forward all year for it and he shortens their season for his own agenda. He would rather play away games rather than a home games because he doesn’t want to prepare the field. He has lost his players because of his negative attitude. I guess their expectations are low if they consider this exceeding expectations. Just a concerned parent

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Is the Opinions Section of the local paper really the place for this kind of whiny piece? I understand the O.P. doesn't want to have is identity known, but aren't these items that should be brought up at a city/town council or aldermans meeting? Is this what our parish residents have become, a bunch of "drive by" complainers who hide behind a computer screen? Man up (or woman up) and show up to a community leadership meeting. Show your face and stand behind your complaint. Don't just throw your accusations out there and hide.

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