The panel appointed to investigate the recent Florida school massacre recommended last week that teachers who volunteer and undergo extensive training be allowed to carry concealed guns on campus to stop future shootings. The vote was 13-1 to recommend arming teachers to the state legislature saying it’s not enough to have one or two armed guards on campus. Learning from the fatal mistake of having one resource officer, the county sheriff said that “one good guy on campus is not enough”. It would have been a good idea for Rick Wentzel and Jason Ard to consult the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission before coming up with their money grabbing and useless proposal.

Since the tax for school resource officers was voted down (a good thing) I have been waiting for the school board to take some positive action to increase security at our schools. Drove by Doyle High School a few days ago and observed no security fencing or any other visible proactive measures to protect our students and teachers. I urge parents and concerned citizens to submit comments to force the school board to develop some proactive measures to protect our students. The board has a budget of over 300 million dollars and almost 3500 employees. They can build multi million dollar sports complexes and extravagant new schools. Were they flim fanning us when they actively supported the proposed tax and have apparently done very little since then?

I wonder what will be the next tax our elected hero’s put on the ballot? You can bet your next paycheck that they will have one on the ballot next year and they will try and do it at a low key election, most probably a spring election.

When will our parish leaders stop trying to pile taxes on us? We are tired of paying for high taxes just to have our leaders waist them. Who pays for these terrible mail outs that we get in the mail just days before election day? These flyers just remind me to go vote no. I will continue to vote NO for any taxes in this parish.

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It is obvious that the citizens do not want another sales tax. That being said I think that if the proposition were to be reintroduced with a reasonable sunset date, and be dedicated to HARDENING the schools with state of the art electronics that could lock down all areas of the campus buildings with retractable gates, install bullet proof doors and glass on all classroom doors, keep ALL entry doors locked, have other doors that are EXIT only, and video monitoring of all spaces and parking areas that the public may be amenable to passing a tax..Also the Sheriff and the School Supt and Board are against allowing teachers who are QUALIFIED, possess a Concealed Carry Permit, familiar with their firearms, and VOLUNTEER to conceal carry and respond to shootings be allowed to do so. It would cost next to nothing...follow the lead of the commission in Florida who recommended teachers be allowed to arm themselves. The argument that it is too dangerous to the students is nothing but a strawman.

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