Why has Livingston Parish Public Schools stopped the good practice of giving public notice of personnel lists and changes? The last Livingston Parish School Board Personnel List(s) Online Publication was on September 6, 2018.

Well baseball season is starting up again. I have a question for Denham High School: why does other schools in the parish offer senior citizens discount for citizens over 65. It is very hard for citizens with grandchildren playing twice a week for baseball, soccer, football and/or living on a fixed income to have to pay at least $28 a week for two people just to get in the gate. Most seniors follow their grandchildren to most of the games and support the teams in other ways. It would help a lot if a consideration would be made to help with the entry fees to these events.

Does your neighbor pay a comparable amount of property taxes compared to what you are paying? You may want to go online and check and see.

Concerning the potholes on Dunn Road: when filling the potholes, you might want to look at the sides of the road too. The sides of the road are falling off and it’s getting pretty bad. I do not know how long it’s going to take before the parish overlays this road and redoes this road, but this is a high traffic area, and it needs to be addressed. Can the Parish Council address this issue?

I’m just now watching the news here. The French Settlement Police Chief Harry Brignac got charged a whole $50 for what he did. A whole $50! I believe it cost more than that there to write up the papers, let alone paying the court, the district attorney and everybody else. Now what the hell is going on?

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