Pretty sure that LPSB has stopped publishing the personnel lists to cover up what is going on at Walker Elementary. Yet another cover up by the superintendent to keep his friend out of trouble. Pathetic school system and leadership. 

In response to the comment about landfill odors, research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology in 2016 indicates that your health is at risk If you live within three miles of a landfill site. Landfills produce methane gas, along with leachate (a toxic liquid that comes out of all that compressed trash), and contains significant volumes of organic and inorganic pollutants - including ammonia, toluene, phenols, benzene, dioxins, PCBs, chlorinated pesticides, and heavy metals. Last, but not least, all landfills will eventually leak into ground water.

This is in response to the article about the cop beating his dog, and they’re going to put it on YouTube. Well, next time you need a cop, call YouTube, don’t call the cops. Call YouTube.

Isn’t it ironic that the superintendent of lpsb has announced his retirement when he has one year left in his contract? . A multi million dollar lawsuit has been filed against this parish for a young boy ingesting a pill on a school bus. I wonder who else will announce her early retirement?

I am very disappointed in the “leaders” of Livingston Parish. I wrote an email to Sam Digirolamo an email about a month ago. Still waiting for a response. Saw him since then and can’t get conversation from him either. I also write an email to our parish president Layton Hicks about 3 weeks ago. Still waiting for a response from him too. Not a firm letter. Not an email from an underling not anything. I guess they are too busy to worry about constituents. Very disappointed.

I live down South Satsuma Rd. And it is plain out ridiculous trying to drive down an already narrowed but having No Reflectors or White lines makes it just about impossible to drive at night. Can we please get something done about this. Just reflectors or white lines would make the world bit of difference.

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