The large pot holes on Railroad Ave. behind the AT&T truck yard are a disgrace. How long will those pot holes be allowed to remain like that??

As a senior that rides the COA buses, it clearly says on the side of each bus Louisiana Public Transportation..so according to our drivers, the state owned the buses, not the COA.

The new year is here and the parish council are preparing new taxes to put on the spring election ballot. They want to charge everyone money to allow them to spray poison into our air for us to breath and maybe kill one percent of the mosquito population.

I live in Holden, and the mosquitos were so serious, we couldn’t sit outside. Just stepping out of the house or vehicle, you were attacked. Some areas are sprayed by airplanes, and there are no problems. We need the Holden area sprayed. The last time it was sprayed, it was very helpful. Councilmen of the Holden area, please put it on the next voting. I will vote for it.

The road where Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 1032 ends has signs posted prohibiting truck traffic. For the last few days, I’ve seen a steady stream of dump trucks using the road I guess as a shortcut between Hwy. 16 and Hwy. 1032 to get to the new housing being built on Hwy. 1032. If the law is not going to be enforced, why bother posting signs?

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Any insecticide used in spraying mosquitos has been approved by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. If you don't want to vote for the tax, DON'T vote for it....just stop with the misplaced hysteria.[alien]

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