We need no further proof that we are overtaxed in this parish when the Council on Aging has so much excess that it donates two 2011 vans to a Baton Rouge school. How can this even be legal? 

The Livingston news has had several stories about new business & growth coming to the Parish. I am curious to know what happen to the "Hi Neighbor" grocery store that was going to be built at Lockhart/Magnolia Bridge Rd. Also, will Cane's ever build a larger eatery at the Range/Magnolia Bridge Rd location. This is already a very busy & dangerous intersection and the Cane's drive thru will be backed up onto Hwy 16 most afternoons. So while the "powers that be" are trying to lure growth to the Parish maybe they can get a needed large grocery store and larger Cane's at this growing intersection. And while I'm wishing -- can I wish for a Cracker Barrel Restaurant at Juban.

My name is Bobby Allen Achord and I’m concerned about the safety of our students in the 46 public schools in our parish. I read an article on the internet on a website, oodaloop.com, published 9-17-18 titled “The FBI studied the pre-attack behavior of 63 active shooters.” The summary of this article. “OODA Recommendations to Consider After Reading the Report 1. Active shooters represent a key risk to a large number of business, educational, and public interest facilities. It is important to take pro-active action to help minimize the risk and impact of attacks. 2. Engage in active shooter training for all personnel that includes not only how to respond in the event of an incident, but resources available to employees for reporting concerning behavior. 3. Monitor for overt threats to the organization. Consider implementing a social media monitoring program to identify potential threats. 4. Invest in appropriate security measures and facility hardening such as access control, security cameras, and on-site or remote guarding services.” I hope the Livingston parish school board Is implementing all of these suggestions.

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