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Since Kellee Hennessy Dickerson is hoping to find money for pay raises for school employees, perhaps she could start by looking at her own paycheck. It may be a surprise to local politicians but according to a report by the National School Board Association 62 percent of school board members nationwide don't receive a salary at all. Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania have state laws banning school districts from paying board members because it should be a volunteer position for those who truly have the best interest of our children at heart. So before spending all of this money on an audit, think of how much money could be saved annually by making this position unpaid.

To the person that posted the comment published July 5th about removing the hundreds of junk cars at the Livingston exit at I-12; I can only guess that you are referring to the Salvage Yard. Well, those junk cars are supposed to be there. It’s a SALVAGE YARD. And as for the Holden exit, there is a wrecker service right off of the interstate there. Might not be all the pretty to look at, but if they aren’t breaking any laws, they have a right to be there. Both of those places have been there for years. Why should they move just to please you?

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