Why 7 Board Members? Looking at bills presented in the Legislature, I see that Senator Erdey presented a bill to change the Revised Statue to allow seven Board Members for Gravity Drainage District No. 2 only. Of the three Drainage Districts in the eastern part of the Parish, Watson has the least employees and the smallest District. Why would they need two more Board Members. As a taxpayer, I would rather see all the Districts spend their money on drainage instead of additional Board Members.
If the parish decides to not let us build up our land to build our houses then they should by our land.
If people would research the history of how the landfill opened and expanded in Walker they would learn that the corruption involved stinks as badly as the sickening and harmful smell coming from it. As someone who travels throughout the parish with my job, I can assure you that the smell reaches far beyond Walker as it’s totally dependent upon the wind direction. The smell gets bad in Juban Crossing, Watson, Denham Springs, Livingston, Colyell, and other areas that are miles from the dump. If you want people to move away from the landfill smell you would have to clear out the entire parish!
I have nothing against Laine Hardy and I wish him the best in his career. That being said, I wonder how many kids in LP are doing meaningful, useful things for their community virtually unnoticed, much less all the parades, extensive news coverage, etc. Are we that short on pop stars that all this celebration is justified?
With legislative seats coming up for grabs soon I’d highly recommend that anyone who has to drive on our roads contact these candidates and see what they intend to do about our distracted driving problem. I recently contacted Dale Erdey’s office about this and was told that our law as written is extremely difficult to enforce. I was also told in the same email that our law is very strict. I’m not sure how a law can be strict if it’s difficult to enforce, and clearly the law and the enforcement of it locally is ineffective. I have to give Jason Ard credit for responding to my emails, that seems to be a feat in itself in LP, but sadly none of his replies indicated that he’s put much thought or effort into this problem. There are more than enough drivers on our roads that must have cheated on the licensing test to get behind the wheel, and the problem is just compounded by the many drivers who can’t peel themselves away from their phone long enough to drive somewhere. At worst it’s dangerous and a pathetic reason for someone to get hurt or killed, at best it only adds congestion to roads that desperately need all the help they can get to flow. Georgia’s law banning all handheld electronic devices seems like a great solution. I know there are many who would holler about their rights being violated, but they probably don’t understand that rights come with responsibility and that they are very likely the reason we need so much regulation to make up for the lack of sense. Let’s put our foot down. You can play with your toy or you can drive, but clearly you can’t do both.
Love Livingston Parish News (I’m a subscriber) but I am missing the arrest records. What happened to them in the print edition? Could you please start printing them again? Thank you!
I hear French Settlement police department likes to tase people for no reason. Looks like a good law suit to me. I’m very disappointed with the French Settlement police department, they are out of control. VERY SAD.
Looks like history is repeating itself at Walker Elementary. Teachers are already being told that their position will not be available next year and are looking elsewhere. How many new teachers will be hired (again) in August? Hopefully, the new superintendent will actually do something about what is going on at this school, rather than sweep it under the rug like Mr. Wentzel. A lot of teachers are counting on you, Mr. Murphy, to get rid of the regime in the office and their bullying. Parents should be very concerned about sending their children to this school with such a high teacher turnover rate.
I really like the new magazine style news, over the awkwardly large newspaper sheets. To those who like to divide up the paper, the magazine is easy to divide too. We just pull out the middle section containing sports & lifestyle & share.
Why is the Livingston Parish sheriff’s office negligent in releasing information on investigations and why aren’t journalists more curious? It has now been one year since a shooting at a home in Denham Springs left two men dead and no information has been released since it happened. Last month we were told that two deputies were injured in a crash while escorting the Olympic torch but we have never been informed as to how this happened or who was involved. Last year a news release stated that a two year old in Livingston died from a self inflicted gunshot wound but there has been no further information. Shouldn’t someone be held responsible for a two year old having access to a loaded gun or is there more to the story? Why doesn’t the media follow up and get newsworthy information from the sheriff?
Hey ... remember the Great Flood of 2016?? Some if us are still waiting for Restore Louisiana funds that the Governor touted he secured ..He came out recently to make a statement the distribution was right around the corner..(actually due to the hard work of Garret Graves and John Kennedy). The Governor then said they still needed “GUIDANCE” on this distribution. While some monies went to some people affected by the floods, some has not. Some of us had distressed houses and property, lost jobs, and have intangible costs with this flood. The rebuilding has been hard, with some tapping into their retirement and savings. If the funds are available, why not distribute them. I’ll have to check the “Guidance” of my hand when I pull the lever on the voting machine when I’m voting for Governor. David Vitter would have gotten this done and the Great Flood of 2016 would be even further in the past.
These high school coaches expecting these kids to play ball all year round is ridiculous. How in the heck are they suppose to get a summer job when they have to practice and go to games all summer long. Give the kids a summer break and don’t make this crap mandatory in order to play school ball. Most ppl can’t afford it and if they don’t play it is held against them during their school season. These coaches and principals need to get a grip.
The only person who is putting politics ahead of the future of the school system is “Concerned Citizen”. We get it, you’re a Jody Purvis fan. Fortunately we have many qualified and professional leaders in the Livingston Parish school system who have always lived by the mantra to exhibit class in both victory and defeat. Sadly, “Concerned Citizen” is not one of them.

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To the person who wrote about driving whilst using a phone, you stated people would be very upset if LA followed GA law and lost the right to drive in LA. Just to point out, in LA driving is not a right but a privilege licensed by the state. I’m with you. Put the phone down, pull off the road or lose your privilege to drive!

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