The reason that so many kids are playing ball all summer is due to their parents, not the coaches. Most of these travel ball parents are former frustrated high school athletes determined that their kids are going to compensate for their inadequacy. They drag these kids all over the south with the delusion that they will get a college scholarship and play professional ball. At best it’s a waste of time and money, at worst it’s child abuse. Stop trying to live out your dream through your kids and let them enjoy being a child!

I woud like to thank the man in the Silver truck that stopped on Highway 16 Tuesday morning 5 - 4 -2019 to help the dog that had been hit by a car and, the other one that was in the traffic.

So many parish residents frustrated after this recent flood have been posting on social media questioning where all of our tax dollars go. Every parish taxpayer should take a ride to the Livingston exit and look at all of the recently built governmental buildings on the north side of the interstate. I have had out of state visitors comment on the extravagant governmental buildings that we have considering that this is not a wealthy area. These buildings, used mostly 4 days a week, and the salaries and benefits for the occupants takes a big chunk of revenue supplied by some of the highest taxed middle class workers in America.

French Settlement Police Department doesn’t think to highly of themselves if they have to continue to respond to all the call and comments people are making. Are can it be that y’all are afraid the truth keeps coming out? Maybe you should read the call and comments again and again. The people in French Settlement are trying to tell you something. It’s called COMPLAINTS.

I would like to know why my comment about the man stopping to help the dogs was not printed ? Do you just publish bad things ?

I recently attend a youth softball tournament over the weekend. While at the tourney I overheard a parent talking to school board member from a school in the northern part of East Baton Rouge Parish. The conversations was about how some parents weren’t happy with the coaches and lack of play time their child was getting and how one parent has already made the comment of how much money they donate to the school and how much their company does for the program. The parent was reassured from the board member that all of these complaints have already been heard and most addressed. Then finished it up by saying “We know how bad politics are at Live Oak High and we will not have that here cause it’s going to catch up to them sooner rather than later. The better athletes will compete no matter who their parents are.” Dang shame that one of our rivals knows what is happening in Watson and what is going to come of it and yet it keeps going on. All that new turf is going to be lonely with no Championship Banners hanging because little Billy or Suzie needed to play to keep their parents happy.

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