29°07’22.9”N 82°03’36.3”W coordinates for the people of Livingston Parish to look up on Google maps to see the MOUNTAIN of a DUMP in the city of Ocala, Fl. When I moved to Walker in 1979, Woodside landfill was unheard of until the shifty mayor of Walker was bought. The ONLY thing there, was a dirt road leading to a smoldering DUMP on approximately five acres. Did not cost anything to dump and you could dump anything you had. By 1990 you could not breathe anything but stinky funk when you walked out of your house. Now look at the mountain of a dump in Ocala, Fl, and notice how close the houses are to that dump. People there do NOT complain about stink because there is NONE. Now WHY can’t Walker do the same thing??

I just want to encourage my fellow Pendarvis Lane neighbors by saying that the next time our homes flood we will be able to stack all of our flooded belongings onto our new sidewalks! Also FEMA will be able to get to us more quickly by flying into our new airport just on the other side of our landfill! Who says that our politicians aren’t working for us?

The only way we’ll ever see any improvement in our distracted driving problem is to address the law. The way our law is written right now leaves law enforcement with little ability to take much, if any, action. With state Senate elections coming up, don’t forget to ask the candidates what their thoughts are on this growing problem.

I drive the parish everyday for work and can not help but notice all the school buses that are at peoples houses i would think school board buses would have to be at the schools parked for the summer !

Tammy Brignac, every week you post lies, the latest being FS officers are tasing people. The truth is YOU were the biggest law suit potential while harry let you drive a police unit regular, since your driver’s license has been suspended since 1991. Hilarious!

Flooding again:  June 6th 2018 heavy rain swept through out the parish and flooding started occuring . This event looked and seemed like the flood of 2016 . Lots of areas took on water and the roads began to submerge. Take for instance Collins place Subdivision entrance and some of the roads there . Homeowners could not even get past the entrance due to the water but instead had to leave their autos at the entrance or at the shell gas station. 2 days later this same spot still had some water and inside the subdivision water was standing directly over the drainage grating which showed no sign of draining. I urge those folks to call their council person for that district or address this at the council meeting in Livingston which meet on A Thursday evening to address this issue of be faced with continued problems . That area is only the tip of the issues as many other problem areas that need addressing like Dunn Road as drainage issues continue to hit this area hard every time it’s rains . Lockhart at Dunn underwater Creekside Estates on Dunn Road and Entrance water over the Road Dunn close to Arnold by the Dollat General Store road under water . During a Event that just Occured one would think that the parish would be out in full force to see theses areas of concern and address it when possible . I’m sure many phone call were made during this flooding issues and will continue until properly addressed . Good luck to you all in the next flooding event .

Anyone ele find some irony in the new microbrewery being right next door to SADD’s local headquarters?

To the person still calling Mr. Brignac “Chief”....that is no longer. He might be retired, a guilty felon, or simply just quit to stay out of the media but he is no longer a Chief of Police. I understand that this title maybe used out of respect for your endearment to him but the fact of the matter is he is no longer a Chief. Please refrain from stating this in every comment you make.

All the drama with the French Settlement Police Department, the French Settlement town, and the “supporters” of the previous Chief Brignac. You are all making the matter worse. I hate to say this as I do live in this Village but it would almost be best if the Vi;lage was abolished just like they did with Sorrento. Let the Villagers then complain because they have to wait on Livingston to respond to call and any call that takes place, complain again because the Villagers are waiting on the Parish to do anything in French Settlement, complain again when there are no locals to handle issues that come up and everything will then have to run through Livingston Parish councils. This might be the best and only option for our little Village.

To the person who responded about a French Settlement Police officer taking an hour to respond while a Livingston officer showed up to the call...Livingston Parish is so large that when calls are in abundance or there is not a unit in the area the parish enlists the help of other local officers such as French Settlement, Port Vincent, Walker, etc.as most of the smaller town officers are commissioned for the Parish meaning that they can respond to calls out of their own town and help out when in need. Maybe the French Settlement officer was on another call, backing up another officer for a neighboring town, or dealing with something else at the parish level that the officer was unable to respond. The other officer could have been on another call and while its first come first serve, they had to finish the original call then respond to yours. There are many times where smaller towns officers are pulled out of their towns to respond to a call for Livingston as the closest Livingston unit is miles and miles out. Many people in the community do not understand that these small towns just do not run calls for their own towns but for neighboring towns as well. I am in no means taking up the mannerism that supposedly taken place but just simply stating the facts of law enforcement ways. French Settlement as well as small towns could use the help of the Reserve officers but these officers are considered volunteer and cannot really be relied upon plus the added expense of the Reserve officers being added to insurance policies to drive a police unit is an extra cost when they are simply volunteer.

Red flags at French Settlement High School. In the last 2 1/2 years there’s been close to 30 teacher that have quit and very that have been let go. I don’t think there’s that many teachers at the school. The principal has his hitler agenda. It’s his dictatorship and dare anyone else have their own opinions. The students and community know what’s going on behind closed doors. Stop quoting scriptures when dirty deeds are continuing to happen.

As a former employee I would not recommend going to work for the contractor at the Woodside landfill!! Poor management and if you ain’t a work release inmate you will not be treated fairly unless your a dope head !!!!!

FS Alderman Rhonda BS Lobell, for two years you didn’t even attend half the town hall meetings you got paid for, and all you can come up with is typos in your “due diligence” in serving the community, since mayor toni guitrau didn’t recommend your boyfriend for interim chief of police? Why were you ok with him not being post certified and unable to patrol? Truth always comes out....I’m a little disappointed that liar’s pants don’t actually catch on fire.

To Mr. and Mrs. Harry Brignac hold you heads up. French Settlement people still love and respect y’all. God is seeing and watching it all. I think they are having a hard time filling Mr. Harry’s shoes. We will always support y’all. Thanks for the years.

Why is it we can’t get rid of the drug dealers down my road in French Settlement? Seeing how the Mayor and alderman’s are paying these deputies overtime. I guess writing tickets for every little thing is more important. I guess money is more important than protecting our community. No I understand an can see the writing on the wall. Sorry French Settlement but I sure hope we get a whole new police department. Somebody needs to clean house.

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