I find it hard to believe that a caller would not understand the Guzzardo family. They do not want revenge they want justice. Justice for Stephaine Lynn Guzzardo. Stephaine was born May 11 1968. She was 27 years old at the time her life was take. She would have been 49 years old this past Saturday the day before mothers day. The scum who killed her did so while committing a robbery. He has lived on death row for 22 years while Stephaine`s family has had to live without there Daughter for 22 years. I do not understand why the state officials can not find a way to carry out this sentence and bring justice for Stephaine and closure to the Guzzardo family. They could use a strong dose of fentanyl. God knows it is killing 75,000 young people a year. If the legislator had a back bone they would get on with some of these death row cases. I would like to see the Louisiana Legislator come out in favor of a strong death penalty a deterrent to stop the murder of innocent people such as Stephaine Lynn Guzzardo. If there every was a case where the death penalty should be applied this is it. Justice for Stephaine.
U.S. Senator John Kennedy introduced the Freedom Financing Act to ban institutions from denying credit to companies that are compliant with all laws and statues.Financial institutions are not to discriminate against law abiding companies such as ones that sell Firearm and Ammunition. Well, what about the banks that are discriminating against Finance Companies,{large and small},pawn shops,payday lenders,title loans,check cashiers all legit businesses, OPERATION CHOKE POINT..started by Pres. Obama and continues through Pres. Trump. Local banks such as Cap.1, Chase,1st American Bank,Regions.1st Nat’l Bank USA & La.Federal Cr Union, to name a few..,Hopefully Sen.Kennedy bill will put a stop to all unjust discrimination against ALL WHO HAVE BEEN REFUSED ACCOUNTS and not just gun and ammunition dealers
Looks to me Chief Brignac has plenty of support.
I drive throughout Livingston Parish with my job. With all of the recent rain I have noticed just as many drainage problems in those areas that have a gravity drainage district as the areas that do not have one.
Over the last several weeks, our school board members have continually stated the decision of selecting the next superintendent would be the most important decision they make. However, after last week’s vote it seems for several board members, especially Board President, Buddy Mincey, these words were just lip service to the voters of their districts. After last Monday’s interviews, it seemed Jody Purvis was the only candidate with a true vision for Livingston Parish Public Schools. A candidate not just trying to get in a few more years on his retirement, but one with plans and ideas for the future. I mean Bruce Chaffin stated in his interview he would get ideas by stealing them from other districts and suggested he travel to Puerto Rico to recruit teachers – does he not have any ideas of his own or think we have qualified bilingual teachers in this area. However, the interview that by far lacked any vision, meaningful content or depth was that of the newly appointed Superintendent, Joe Murphy. Maybe Murphy’s loud preaching, big arm movements and fast pacing across the board room was meant to be a distraction from the fact his interview provided nothing in terms of what he could actually provide to the schools if appointed superintendent. So fast forward to last Thursday’s vote and despite discussing and publishing a process for selecting a superintendent, President Mincey announced at the start of the meeting they would vote using paper ballots. This apparently caught District 8 board member, Frank Parrino off guard. After not signing his ballot during the first vote, he did not even submit a second vote until President Mincey called him out to submit a vote since all of the other ballots were received and they were ready to tally. Once the final vote was read, Parrino stated aloud he messed up. It was apparent Mr. Parrino did not realize he had cast his vote for superintendent. However, the unnerving part is the school board attorney, who sat directly in front of Parrino did not do anything to call this apparent “mess up” to anyone’s attention. Everyone just pushed forward with the meeting putting politics ahead of the future of the school system. If this is how some School Board members make the most important decision of their term, how can we have any faith in their decisions going forward? Alternatively, how can we trust Mr. Mincey to make decisions at the state level as he has recently announced he will run for State Representative? Concerned Citizen
Someone commented about follow the money and you know why the landfill smell is getting so bad yea the money trail leads all the way to the heart of Watson !
When does French Settlement police department work? I never see them and the mayor talks about paying them overtime. Its bad enough Bill Bliss gets paid the same amount as Chief Brignac did, at least he patrolled all day every day. Bill Bliss does nothin to earn the money. Sounds like Bill Bliss is ripping the town off. Where is our money really going too? I can’t wait for election time, if not sooner.
My name is Bobby Allen Achord. I see that we had another mass shooting in a public school in Colorado, not far from Columbine. This is not worthy news in the Baton Rouge area. Checked the advocate, channel 9 and channel 2 this morning. This horrible incident didn’t even make it on the “news” sections. I can only wonder why. By the way have any one noticed the obvious “hardening” of our public schools in Livingston Parish. I mean fences and controlled access gates? I didn’t think so. I see no effort by the Livingston Parish school board to do those things to protect our children. But bar rooms have armed security to protect drunks. Court house has armed security to protect politicians. Reading the article about the shootings, you will see law enforcement response time of several minutes. How many children were shot in those few minutes? We need to arm willing teachers and staff.
I want to give a big shout-out for the Town of Walker for cleaning Hwy. 447 during the day, causing dust everywhere. Twelve people working to clean the side of the roads got a traffic jam all over, dust all over vehicles. You could see the dust for a half a mile. Just chaos everywhere. I don’t know who organized it, but please tell them that they make a piece of machinery that can come in and clean it real nice. They’ve even got water if the dust gets too bad. Just squirt water on the dust and it just cleans the road real good instead of paying 12 people and getting them all full of dust.
I live on Jack Allen Rd. The purpose of my letter is to let the people that travel this road using it as a cut thru between 444 and 42 there is a speed limit “35”. Also I find it disgusting that they trash our road with cans, bottles, garbage and whatever. Mostly it’s the crawfish boil remains. Don’t these people have garbage cans I certainly wouldn’t think of trashing someone’s property. Thanks for letting me vent.

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Had an issue with French Settlement police department. Not sure who to complain to. Don’t trust any of them and the issue I experienced was pretty bad. These deputies think they can do what they want. Can someone tell me who else I can complain to because I have seen this deputy and the mayor in Baton Rouge together and I think it may get swept under the rug.

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