If you are planning a funeral I urge you to not have a police escorted procession. Too many of our police have been injured or killed due to this activity.It is time to end the carnage.

Look like someone struck a nerve with the interim Bill Bliss French Settlement police department, could it be some truth to the last call and comment article? Pretty funny how he just had to respond. Very sad!

To answer another caller asking if there’s a process started to solve the problem of the terrible smell coming from the Walker landfill, the answer is no. If you wonder why, just follow the money and the history of how this landfill developed and expanded.

Once again our glorious Assessor Jeff Taylor is caught again. Always working his good old boy deals. Assessing a property worth over a million dollars at $34580.If all the property in Livingston parish was assessed properly, our politicians would not always be looking for new money. Come on Jeff, try to be some what fair.

I normally would not comment but the interview that Bill Bliss did for the French Settlement police department. First, REALLY! Second, how would you know if the deputies are retaliating or not, you have no clue what these deputies do while on duty, you nor the asst Chief are out doing their job. Third, there is retaliation in the French Settlement police department because I have had first hand experiences with one of the deputies, that continues to harass me and my family. This deputy is very rude and is very unprofessional. I even went to make a complaint and the mayor said they didn’t have video of the incident so I could not make the complaint. So it does no good to complain. I’m not the only one that has had issues with this deputy. Who looks at their video surveillance and determines who is right and who is wrong? You should look deeper and a lot closer at these deputies before you place an interview like that, it really made you look quilty and immature. Truth needs to be told to the people not lies.

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