Help! Help! State retirees have not gotten a raise in more than 15 years, and we have to have money just like everybody else to buy our necessities. Please, legislators, take this into consideration. We would appreciate it. 

Mosquito Abatement: Do you know the answer to this question? Will spraying be done because people are getting bit by mosquitoes or just if mosquitoes are found that are carrying West Nile Virus? From what I’ve read, testing will be done to find any mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus, and spraying will be done ONLY to kill those mosquitoes/larvae in that area. Spraying will NOT be done just because you’re getting bit in your back yard. Second question: Why do these 2 councilmen want the tax to pass so badly? Even though this has already failed TWICE at the polls, they’re putting it on the ballot AGAIN, possibly at the request of some LP citizens. But, why are they actually PUSHING it to pass? ... even to the point of spending their own money to print signs begging people to vote for it??? If I read it right, letting voters believe that the spraying will be helpful against all mosquitoes is DISHONEST. Come on, you guys, give us some straight answers!

Hey Bill Bliss, you and your wife stop following us. We have you both on video. Shouldn’t you be taking care of French Settlement and the people, instead of following us all over. You have nothin else to do? Is this what the town pays you to do? So very unprofessional.

After reading the Call & Comment in the last paper, I can’t help but wonder if Brignac wishes some of his supporters wouldn’t speak up for him!

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The new curbing enclosing the left turn lane onto Rushing Rd from Northbound Range Ave is too small. It takes a small swerve to get into it. The opening should have been left a little larger. Please adjust?

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