It's amusing to read the comments from elected officials regarding the gravity drainage districts servicing the western part of the parish. One would mistakenly think that their great drainage would be the envy of those of us who have no gravity drainage district. I would like to suggest that they attempt to drive down Pendarvis Lane, Eden Church Road, or countless other parish roadways within these districts after a typical summer thunderstorm.

Maurice Durbin for Mayor!

I was very disappointed in the poor sportsmanship demonstrated by students and fans at the Denham Springs Walker semifinal basketball game and some of the social media posts afterward were definitely over the line. Good grief people, it's just a high school ballgame!

For the comment someone placed here about Chief Brignac being charged only $50. I can promise you that was not all he was charged. First of all when your charged with something in Livingston Parish there are fines and court cost. Plus he did have a lawyer, so they paid a lawyer. Plus the fact this was a pitiful charge. He should have been able to pay it back. The mayor and others wanted him out and this was the only thing they could find. He has served his community far to long to be dragged threw the dirt and try and ruin his career. It’s sad! And that only makes me believe these people do what they want to who ever they want. It’s obvious that this was a true vendetta to get him out. I’m mean “REALLY”. I just wonder who is next. What goes around comes around!

This is a reply to person that called me out on my reply about the teacher pay raise and “what are teachers doing”. First of all, you assume from somewhere that I am female and a teacher, I am neither. Secondly you are proving my point in that you are getting what you pay for. I am sorry that you are not getting the response you would like from your child’s teacher about homework and that the teacher themselves as you say don’t understand how to teach the subject matter. You are experiencing what I said in that all the good teachers are leaving the job because they are not getting paid what they are worth, you are left with the teachers that don’t know what they are doing and are doing the bare minimum to get by. You also clearly do not know how the teaching profession works. They do not get paid all year, they get paid for the days they teach, the days that students are at school. The holidays, the summer breaks, the days before each semester begins, they do not get paid for those days but are required to be there. They do not get paid for the all-day Sunday prepping for their week because they are not given enough time to prepare during the school week, they do not get paid for the time when they have to attend after hours school functions. I’m not sure what job you are in, but I am pretty sure you would want to get paid for every minute you are working, right. I know I do. So, I will thank you for proving my point in that if you don’t pay teacher what they are worth then you are going to get what you pay for, the bare minimum.

Where are the pictures of the Live Oak High cheerleaders? They won the national championship in their division, they won the game day national championship in their division and they won the WORLD cheerleading championship, Don't you think the so called Livingston Parish News(or is it still the Denham Springs News only?)should have their picture on the front page of the newspaper, the coaches names, the cheerleaders names -Guess not? THANK YOU ladies for making your school and your community be soooo very proud of your accomplishments thru your hard work, dedication and loyalty. Maybe this newspaper will publish "something" in the near future on the back page reconizing your efforts. Congratulations to Live Oak High for the back to back national championships-----unfortunately, this is probably the only recognition you will get.

It is sad that honoring athletes with titles of District or even state teams has come down to politics/kids' last names and not due to good merit. An athlete's sportsmanship should be just as important - if not more important than how many points he/she makes.

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First, thanks are due to the Livingston Parish News for reporting the Walker police department decided to lower the speed limit on Burgess Avenue to 35 MPH all the way to the city limit, as Capt. Sharp advised in a social media post ? Also where are the "several dangerous curves" located on the section of Burgess Avenue? Lastly where is the information or the study that generated the change in the speed limit? Did WPD just decide the MPH change on utilizing their own wisdom?

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