PARD, please reconsider naming the golf course “The Pines at North Oaks.” Number one, it’s a stupid name. You’re saying there are going to be pines in the oaks. Secondly, the name North Oaks is totally synonymous with medical facilities in this area. Who came up with such a ridiculous name which is not synonymous with anything to do with a golf course or the country club or Denham Springs?

It is stated in today’s article about the new magazine format for Thursday’s edition that subscription rates are now $10 per month. This is more than double the price that I am currently paying. I hope this is a misprint. I have been a subscriber for decades but I will have to cancel if the rates are increasing this much.

I thought Livington Parish Schools was an ALL NONSMOKING facility. It is awful when you go to these gyms, baseball and softball games and have to fight to breath and avoid the stinch of a nasty cigarette waking in and out of the gyms around the doors and sit in the bleachers and smell the crap. Give us nonsmokers and the kids a chance to enjoy the games without the rudeness of disrespectful people from firing up a cigarette and killing us with your second hand smoke. And the principals may need to consider checking those cups for alcoholic beverages it’s getting a little out of hand in high school.

The centralized sales tax piece by John Duping misses the mark. HB 57 isn’t about making Jeff Bezos happy or making it easier for online retailers; it’s about complying with the Supreme Court’s decision in the Wayfair case. Without passing HB 57, the state (and by extension, parishes) are out of compliance and legally unable to enforce an online sales tax. Not passing the bill leaves $200 million plus on the table. If parishes want actual control of their destinies, they should stop relying on the state for teacher pay raises (local issue) and things like inventory tax credits and revenue sharing.

Would someone please explain to me why they would go from a building that’s being planned - the Delmas Taylor Governmental Annex - and it’s going from $390,280.54, changing the contract bond to $2,956,892.54?? How can the parish government afford that, and are they going to be putting more taxes on the people in the parish to build this fabulous building that’s going to cost in the millions of dollars now?

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