We must need new councilmen pretty much all over the parish. They all voted the other night at their meeting to do a change order for the new building in Livingston, the Delmas Taylor Governmental Annex, which went from costing $390,000 and it has already gone up now to $2,956,892.54. This is with Livingston Parish recovering after a major flood two years ago, and people are still trying to get in houses and everything, and our assessor wants a big new fancy building.

There most be money in supporting the mosquitoes. We do not need the government spraying poison in our streets and yards. We finally have a lot of lighting bugs and dragon flies flying in our yards again. Years ago when they sprayed the poison, the poison killed the lighting bugs and dragon flies. The people voted to end the spraying not once but twice. So there has to be something that motivates the parish council to bring this back up for a vote of the people again. Follow the money...

If Lpso narcotic guys are board they can load up on the junkies and the back yard chemist from drakeford rd to hood rd on satsuma ain’t no way they don’t know what is going on

I seen in your paper, May 2nd, on the Parish Council deal that they hired an engineering company to perform engineering services for the implementation of the Amite River Watershed and Coastal Wetland Restoration Phase One Projects. I live on the Amite River, and I don’t know what that is. Could you please print it out in your paper? That would be a wonderful article, saying exactly what it all entails and what it’s going to cover. Thanks. 

We recently subscribed to the newspaper and are not happy with it. One day a week it is a magazine and the other day we get sports only. I contacted them to cancel and get a refund, they said they do not refund money at all, they cannot cut a check. We are 71 and 75 year old senior citizens and now know that these folks do not care about what we think. The employee told me I could give it to someone else but no refund can be given. Nearly $100 is not pocket change to someone living on $800 per month.

Wow, what a publication! Thursday, April 25, 2019. I’m loving the Thursday magazine-type edition. Today, I could not put it down until I read it “cover to cover.” So many important issues. So well-written. Congratulations!

The Livingston Parish school system has always been a source of pride for our parish that has otherwise been known for so many other negative traits. I have to wonder though if the notorious “good ole boy” politics is seeping into our school system. We now have school board members who barely made it through high school insisting on evaluating the new superintendent after only his first year. It’s unfortunate that school board members are not required to at least have some formal education. Hopefully they will not go against tradition and harm the crown jewel of our parish.

Attended a French Settlement town hall meeting on the 10th, was very disappointed in our people. They spoke of overtime with the deputies. I for one wondered, “Overtime”, for what! I never see a unit down my road, I use to see Mr. Harry down my road all the time. If I have seen any units it’s either Livingston or Port Vincent. Makes you wonder what’s really going on with our police department. Makes you wonder about this so called overtime. I was very disappointed with this town meeting. Someone said in a call and comment, start going to the meetings and start asking questions. Maybe there is some truth to how the mayor is running our community.

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