I'm wondering if everybody is getting these telemarketer phone calls like I am. I average two or three a day on each of my phones. I'm just wondering if we should call our congressman and our two senators. Each time we get a call, I think if we call their office, I believe they would get up off their behind and do something about stopping these telemarketers. There's no reason why they can't stop these people from aggravating people to death. You could be out working and have to rush to answer your phone and it's a damn telemarketer. I just feel like there's something that can be done about this. 

First let me say I live off of Dunn road by Audubon trace, been seeing a lot of people talk about development. I was glad to see people stand up to a propose development off of duff rd, after looking at a development happening on Dunn I wish we have done the same. I took my first look at this recently, I first thought this wouldn’t affect me as I am not to close to it. But after talking to a resident on crossover rd he told me why we all should be on Dunn. These ponds they dug are said to flow slowly to the east right to the creek that passes behind all our subdivisions, A lot of residents flooded because this creek could not handle the water during the flood. And after looking at how high they built the land this is going to be a problem for residents not only for the people who live by it but for farther down Dunn. Our councils out on this is they put up a sign far a propose development, and you have to show up and get on the agenda to complain about this, sorry a lot of people can’t do this. Maybe a councilman if he cared would go talk to people in the area first. Oh as I heard some have other jobs and cannot. But they don’t mind getting out talking to residents when elections time is here! Which makes me wonder why more councilman didn’t show up at this meeting in walker about duff rd development, if they cared more would have showed up including Mr keen as this is close to his district. We need to start standing up to this like they did in walker and let our voices be heard.

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