My name is Bobby Allen Achord. I live in Walker. I am 100% opposed to the perpetual sales tax proposed by our sheriff that will generate millions for a slush fund exclusively for him. This is from a news station in Lafayette. “Police officers are getting ready for their new roles as School Resource Officers (SROs). The Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office says there will be an SRO in every public school of the parish of Lafayette. The Lafayette Parish School System has budgeted $4 million dollars to the Sheriff’s Office for enhanced security this school year. “So, the culmination of us working together is what you see here today. A multi-jurisdictional force that we’re very proud of. And, we think is ultimately going to be the most effective and maybe even a model nationwide for how agencies can work together,” said Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber. The Sheriff’s Office Confirmed there will be SRO’s at several private schools as well as South Louisiana Community College for a total of 45 campuses.” Quick research showed Lafayette Parish schools had almost 29,000 students in 2009. Livingston currently has 26,000. Lafayette’s current school budget is 275 million and Livingston ‘s is over 300 million. And Lafayette has air conditioning on their buses. But our school board supports a perpetual sales tax so that the sheriff can have a multi million dollar slush fund. Don’t be fooled. Let’s vote the tax down and shake the few million from the school board to fund these resource officers.

I was so happy when we finally got a nice shopping center here in Livingston Parish but every time that I go to Juban Crossing lately the smell from the landfill is overpowering. It’s nauseating to step out of the car and walk to the stores with this disgusting smell in the air and sometimes it’s noticeable even inside the stores. I hate to do it but I will probably be doing my holiday shopping in Hammond.

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Bobby Allen Achord, I AGREE with you 100%!!!! Sheriff Ard is using this as a money grab and I WILL not vote for this and I plan to have signs made and place around the parish in opposition to this proposal. Anyone know how we can get some money together to pay for as many signs possible?


Sorry Jason Ard. Though I believe in resource officers in all the LP schools your proposition smells fishy. You want $9,800,000 to "be used exclusively for the purpose of providing additional funding for the operations of the LPSO (here it comes) including BUT not limited to, stationing Sheriff deputies in public schools..." - NOT LIMITED TO - . We ALL know how that game is played. I'm voting NO!!

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