I, as a woman, am sick to death of the #me to,movement.

The lady that is running for mayor of albany,used to work for the d.a s.' office several years ago,every encounter that i ever had with her was an experience from hell,she was the rudest person i have ever met in my life.

Sheriff Jason Ard is up to no good with his 1/2 cent sales tax which will place School Resource Officers In each school in Livingston Parish. This perpetual tax will not only effect the residents of Livingston Parish, but will also effect businesses as potential customers will go outside the Parish to make purchases. A check with the LA Secretary of States Office indicates that he is using a FAKE organization "Safe School for Kids" to do his dirty work. Does the Sheriff really need 9 Million dollars per year to run the SRO Program with is needed only when school is in session? Don't be hoodwinked by the Sheriff VOTE NO on this proposal

I agree completely with Mr. Achord's comments in Thursday's News. The sales tax increase that will be on our November 6 ballot is not about school safety. Read the wording in the proposal and do the math. This tax will generate millions of dollars for this sheriff and all future sheriffs to use at their discretion since it's a permanent tax increase. And one resource officer does not insure school safety. The recent school shootings in Florida and Texas had armed resource officers on duty at the time. The school in Texas had two officers! It's delusional to think that one officer could provide complete safety at some of our massive schools.

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Vote no for the sheriff's 1/2 cent sales tax, the sheriff's department already took half of the much needed road tax that many people may have forgotten.

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