Eastside Elementary: I have read your RULES for carpool pickup and I abide by them. If I arrived before your designated time that my wheels can touch school property, I am instructed to go all the way around the school and get back in the line. I do it. Here is my issue-- your 'rules' in BOLD print also say -- if you do NOT have your sign identifying your student to pick up displayed, that you will be required to park your vehicle, come inside the school and show identification for picking up the student. This is my second year of pickup for my child, and the carpool drivers I have observed - only about 25% have signs visible. I have not seen ONE parent have to park and come inside. Your rules do not say, oh, when we get to know you, you don't need to display your sign identifying your child. NOPE. It says in bold letters -- the signs MUST be displayed or you will be required to park and come inside and show identification. What kind of discrimination is this?? Do you allow familiar 'friends' to not have to show signs? Or do you allow just 'school volunteers' to not have to show signs? If you have one rule, which you definitely enforce, why not enforce all of your ridiculous RULES? Someone is going to get fed up and file a discrimination complaint -- then you will understand what putting certain 'rules' in bold letters really means. I am looking forward to 'many' vehicles being parked on the side of the school with a line of car drivers waiting to show identification to retrieve their child from school. If not -- then my belief of discrimination will be confirmed.

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