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Us residents of French Settlement have had enough of this war between the mayor and our Chief. When does it end? When someone gets hurt. We the people ask that you please end this war and concentrate on our community! Us residents got together and thought we would ask first but if this cannot be resolved between you two then our community will come together and resolve it ourselves!!!!!
Why isn’t the Livingston Parish School Board investigating Walker Elementary School? This school hired 25 NEW teachers this school year. What is going on?
5:50 am, and the lights in the median on the interstate in Walker are still not on. Why was taxpayer money wasted on this? If you have the lights there, turn them on.
Katie Moran portrays herself as someone who is very active in the community of French Settlement, and that her facebook page Recall the Mayor represents voters. She states she’s lived here 8 years and feels the need to expose our “shady” mayor. Facts:  She has attended ONE town meeting - May 2017. NEVER voted in FS - just registered to vote August 6, 2018. Friend and partner of Tammy Brignac, who filed for the recall petition. Mayor Guitrau and the Board of Aldermen put a stop to Harry Brignac allowing Tammy Brignac to drive police units. Feb 2018 it became public knowledge Tammy Brignac has been driving with a suspended license for MANY years. Terms the mayor protecting village assets as a “personal vendetta”. Using Mayor Toni Guitrau’s picture on her facebook recall page instead of her own. She altered the public records she obtained and falsely accused the mayor of many wrongdoings. Go to the town hall people, see the truth for yourself. Does anyone smell the real “vendetta”?? Please, Katie Moran, stop your ugly campaign. You are just adding to the embarrassment French Settlement is suffering.
So ... the son of a local judge gets a scholarship from a local optometrist, Like he needs it. Is that legal?
Do people see the over reaching of the law that DCFS in Livingston does to steal children and destroy the family in the process? How can people with jobs like that get away with lies and twisting word s to hurt families? Why is there no help out there for the families to op the workers!
The assisted living facility on Rushing Road is allowing an elderly resident to leave there riding a handicapped scooter on the wrong side of the road on the 3rd busiest, no shoulder highway in Denham Springs, traveling to who knows where for how long! Crazy! This is not only illegal and very dangerous, but their liability is incredible. If they claim they don’t know it, that’s worse, because he’s missing long periods of time. They also employ an inmate in a work release program. Would you want your elderly loved ones subjected to such irresponsible practices? Something needs to be done before a tragedy occurs.
I would like to thank the two men employed by the City of Walker for coming out to fix the gas meter that I hit with the lawnmower. I called and within the hour they came and fixed it ! They were very nice and courteous! And thank s to the City of Walker for not charging me. What a relief!
So, are the lights on the interstate in Walker ever going to be turned on? They are always off every time I drive through there when it’s dark. Another waste of tax payer money.

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The lights on the interstate headed westbound are scheduled to operate during peak rush hours. They turn on at 6:30 AM and turn off at 9 AM. There are times the will turn off to "flush traffic off the ramp" or be turned off by PD.


Sorry, I just realized you all meant the street lights, not the red lights. My apologies. [beam]


I would think that a local business man that personally funds a scholarship has the right to give it to whomever he chooses...

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