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The announcement will be great news for some, bad for others, and yet still many just won’t care – but it is time for Call & Comment to come to an end.        

In an age where just about anything can be said on Facebook with a name attached, The News has found that many of the comments that make their way to our doorstep are unusable, due to a wide variety of reasons that includes direct name-calling, swearing, and racism. The few that remain are usually factually incorrect or delivered in such a way that make it impossible to clean them grammatically or figure out exactly what’s being said.

Unfortunately, in all that, some factually false statements still make their way through from time to time, and that’s not what we’re after as a paper.

Several decades ago, Publisher Jeff David visited a National Newspaper Association conference in Atlanta. During that time, he was presented with the idea of “unsolicited, anonymous, gently filtered commentary” in newspapers.

He thought it was a slam dunk and, truth be told, it turned out to be just that.

From the late mid-1980s through the 2000s, Call & Comment was the Facebook of Livingston Parish – a place where people could air their grievances, brag about something, or give a positive shout-out to the community. With just one phone line, and life moving just a bit slower, it was easier to cultivate those calls into factually correct, positive content.

Now, Call & Comment is a place for people to make comments that don’t add or enhance a community.

So, we’re changing it up – The News is looking for your take on certain issues and ideas that are being presented to Livingston Parish.

Comments moving forward will come from Facebook, the website, e-mail, or a phone call and will require your name and address.

Call & Comment had a great run, and all good things – as they say – come to an end. We look forward to a more interactive, and less anonymous, community forum moving forward.

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I can definitely understand having a name attached to a comment, but requiring someone to publish their address in order to comment? Seriously? Even Facebook isn’t that intrusive. What’s the goal of having someone publish their address along with their comment?


The call and comment section is the reason I subscribe! It’s better than the comics section of The Advocate. So if this section does go away as it presently is, I for one, will not renew my subscription!

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