taking credit

Even just five years ago, everyone was looking for their “look at what I did.”        

According to Gravity Drainage District 1 Director Wesley Kinnebrew, that’s changing – for the better.

Kinnebrew spoke to the Denham Springs City Council on Monday night about what his crew is up to outside of creek, canal, and ditch maintenance.

The quote struck a cord among those from Livingston Parish because they know all too well the issues that have plagued the parish for many years – territory.

There’s been constant bickering over who’s responsibility a certain task was, who would do the work, who would get credit. In most instances, it left the benefit of the taxpayer out completely because the work didn’t get done, or a certain group got upset because it didn’t get its time in the spotlight.

Or, even worse, the work was done twice – a total waste of money.

Redundant and repeated work was rife in drainage districts, road programs, sewer districts, and places where government overlapped and someone was looking for their “I did it.”

Even claims of “not my problem” were an issue between the parish and cities.

It’s good to hear, from those directly working on these issues, that attitudes have changed for the better. Livingston Parish deserves to be represented and served by those who just want to get the job done – it’s not about who gets credit.

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