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Levi Milton Elementary students line up for breakfast on the first day of school. A federal program that pays for breakfast and lunch at Livingston Parish schools is in its third year.

The final report given by the Livingston Parish superintendent of schools the week before classes begin for the 2019-2020 school year shows something very important.

The parish’s public-school system continues to be the guiding light and shining example for Livingston Parish.

Joe Murphy delivered a impassioned report that highlighted one thing specifically – the flood is behind the system, it’s time for growth.

Murphy outlined the number of students enrolled, saying that it had returned to pre-flood numbers and more are expected to sign up before Friday’s start of school.

He went to on discuss the campus enhancements and additions made at places such as Albany and Maurepas, while also highlighting that the Denham Springs school system will be able to use its STEM and robotic center ahead of schedule.

Construction will begin this year of two new campuses – the combination of Southside Junior High and Southside Elementary, as well as Denham Springs Elementary.

There are three big reasons that residents continue to flock to Livingston Parish: Schools, affordable real estate, and safety. It’s a good feeling when one of the major pillars of that trifecta can deliver a report such that it did this past Thursday.

Is the system perfect? Far from it – personnel issues still plague Livingston Parish schools, as teachers are poached to other places or drop out of the profession entirely. Facilities for some schools have started to lag behind, for a wide variety of reasons.

But these are not insurmountable problems, and for a system with several thousand employees it would be a difficult task to find a few individuals who weren’t happy with their current work situation. With 44 campuses, and acres upon acres of real estate, some pieces of the puzzle are going to fall behind from time to time.

So stay true to the school system – support your children; go to the sporting events; go to the arts events; the community town halls; anything and everything schools can offer because right now, it’s the schools that are leading the way in Livingston Parish.

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